The ritual of silence


Our day-to-day routine is plagued by noise pollution which we often do not even notice. The stress that the noise of the street, the office, people talking, children crying, cars and motorcycles passing, generates, is unconsciously absorbed and weakens us without realizing it most of the time. Although a repetitive noise tends to be ignored by our conscious mind (and we no longer realize it), it still comes to us and creates stress within us. It is only when there is a sudden and total silence that we realize that something was constantly crushing our ears. Those minutes of silence is when we make an “ufff”, and let go of the accumulated pressure.

Our mind needs rest, as much or more than our body, and needs to organize and prepare itself to effectively manage all that is coming through our senses. In addition to a proper rest during sleep, also during the day, when we are awake, we have to spend some time organizing our thoughts and giving clear instructions on how we want our activity to develop.

10 minutes a day

The interval just when we get up and just before we go to bed are two of the most important moments of the day for our conscious mind. Anything we do first in the morning sets the tone and mood for how we will behave and live the rest of the day, as well as anything we do just before going to bed, will give us the measure of the level of rest we will be able to get with sleep. This is related to our frequency of resonance and our vibration level for that day.

Both after we get up and before we go to bed, the best personal ritual we can do is to be 10 minutes silent with ourselves. We don’t need to meditate if we don’t want to, but simply to remain relaxed for 10 minutes in silence will give us the state of tranquility necessary to undertake our daily activity with strength. During these minutes you have to listen to yourself, pay attention to what goes through your mind and send yourself the instructions necessary to schedule our day.

For example, while we are sitting quietly on the couch or in bed right after we got up, we can set the mental guidelines that we want to be executed: “today I have a busy day of meetings, so I will be calm and undisturbed during all the hours I am discussing work“, “today I will maintain an optimistic attitude despite what my boss tells me“, “today I want to focus more on what people say to me and begin to listen to them more attentively,” etc.

At night, the ritual is the same: “tonight my mind will rest from the tension accumulated during the day“, “I want my mind to relax during the night and forget the worries”, “tonight I will not think about tomorrow’s problems“, etc.

Make it a habit

Experts say that when we do something for about 30 days, it becomes a habit implanted with force within us. Can you imagine how powerful it can be that our conscious mind knows how to behave every day with only ten minutes of instructions? Turning the ritual of silence into a habit, we not only release stress and tension but also focus on what really matters to us day by day.

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