Today I started watching the new version of the movie Zeitgeist, which premiered recently. Those of you who have seen previous versions of the film know that the director Peter Joseph portrays the society where we live in and all the manipulations of the system in which we are involved.

Those who follow the blog know that I am not one of those kind of persons who spend the whole day trying to fight against the system destroying it or trying to change it. It’s not that I like the system, but once I received a lesson that “explained” why things are the way they are, and that the rules are the way they are. Since then I mainly try to be more ”observer“ than ”fighter” against the structures in which we are involved. My goal is to teach and advance as much as possible, and how to make the environment “bother” us the less possible, while we have no other choice but being here.

A lesson

Basically, the lesson went like this:

“All the Higher Selves that are incarnating on Earth in these moments or others, know how is the ‘game’ in which we are to. It is designed that way so that the board on which we experience life is as efficient as possible. What you perceive as control, negativity, crisis, problems, are from our point of view opportunities. For many of us, it requires to increase the level of difficulty as linear time progresses and possibilities of ‘graduation’ approach. That manifests itself, for many, in tougher realities. The negative part of the game is played in other roles by other entities like us, which evolved in the other polarity, where we make each other a mutual favor. Their learning is based on what we call a negative path, ours on what we call a ‘positive’ path, and we need each other to get our learnings. From our point of view everything is a ‘scenario’, incredibly complicated, multi-level and multi-dimensional, in which we get everything we need to transcend this cycle.

It is perfectly valid trying to change the system, we let many of our incarnations become fierce fighters against what goes ‘wrong’, but we continue to allow incarnations of the other Higher Selves who play the ‘negative’ role to do the same. Rules of the game cannot be allowed to change, because they are precisely that make us evolve extremely quickly.

Exactly the fact that the world in which we incarnate is so ‘controlled’ (by media, financial, political, secret, and even ‘extraterrestrial’ powers), is what allows us to parameterize our incarnations with lessons about solidarity, companionship, unconditional help, tolerance, love, understanding, serenity, patience, empathy, etc. Otherwise it would be impossible to impose this kind of learning if there were no pieces on the board, at all levels, to create the circumstances for those lessons and learnings to take place.

Even so, we leave you complete freedom to create the reality you desire. The game board has its standards, but who does not want to be affected by these rules is not affected. And no manipulation of any kind can influence or create interruptions in its existence if our incarnation is capable of transcending them after having understood its purpose. Everything depends on the level of awareness and understanding of the reality that each incarnated person develops with or without our “input”.

You cannot change the rules, destroy the system or install an idyllic or utopian system. We already had that in many of our places of origin, and that was the reason why we abandoned them. The evolution was very slow. Graduation time is approaching, and we must increase the rhythm to acquire the last experiences, therefore, the game board in which we incarnate must provide them. We know that from ‘down there’ is not always understandable, but it is something that all the Higher Selves know, both the ‘good ones’ and the ‘bad ones’.

My personal opinion

Many times I have been tempted to start other blogs, to denounce, criticize, to make known all that is hidden to us, to do work of journalism denunciation, to talk about conspiracies, etc. But always came to my mind everything that I wrote above. Basically, and in a certain way, we need (or our Higher Selves need) this to happen the way it happen, and since the human reality is created by all of us, both the “good ones” and the “bad ones”, it looks like things are the way they are because at one some level, we really need them to be like that. Knowing what happens is not the same as fighting to change it. I am thirsty for knowledge, and I perfectly understand all those “light workers” whose objective in life is to defeat or change the world we live in. It will be another experience for their Higher Selves, but as long as “up there” they need to keep it that way, “down here” there’s nothing we can do to stop it.