And it’s one of the main reasons why we’re here, literally.

It’s been said that when we were created (genetically modified from the first existing conscious life forms on Earth), about 20 races from all corners of the galaxy gave part of their DNA for genetic experimentation, to those who tried to control the planet and its resources. They carried it out in order to create a being “somewhat intelligent” (but not much) that could work for these new “gods”. Would be long to summarize the literature and canalizations about it, but what interests us is that, thanks to several of those races, we have what is called Emotions at the full range at which we can feel them.

Not every race or specie has an emotional body. They do not needed. Emotions can be felt and dealt with at etheric level, but, for reasons beyond this article, we were given an emotional component far beyond what is normally available in many other life forms.

The pleasure of feeling

No matter from where they come from, sometimes we forget that it is a scarce gift. The natural ability we have to feel, to have, to generate, incorporate and transmit emotions is unique and magnificent. Until not long ago I did not understand 100% the potential they have, for good and bad, and that the process to evolve and incarnate on Earth, has to thank the emotions we feel and the energies the soul can receive through the body, for what accounts to so much more information and experiences to provide to our Higher Self.

Emotions are the energetic vehicle of what you cannot put into words: the joy, the satisfaction, the illusion, the shiver that gives you when you listen to your song, what you express when you sing out loud and clear, what you feel for those you love, the passion, the pleasure of seeing something you like, enjoying doing it, laughing, vibrating…

Of course, we could not stay alone with the good part, and the lot came complete with all kinds of negative emotions too, but when you incarnate you know that the benefits outweigh the challenges. Emotions is what makes us live and manage our passage through the world enjoying it. This ability to feel and have emotions has been developed in such a way that there is no other physical place where you can experience how we experience it.

Other races have and can experience emotions, but not in the rank and with the intensity that in a human body. That’s why this place of learning and its “physical characters” are so coveted. First, we have said many times, it is the game board for those who incarnate preparing their graduation of this evolutionary course, then, thanks to the emotions is why we acquire much of flavours of the experiences and lessons and that accelerates us even more.

Enjoy the Emotions

So, while other entities continue to try the impossible, we can and must continue to enjoy our emotions, because literally, we are one of the few that can do it at this level. Let yourself be flooded by them, that overflow the chakras and the emotional body, that jump tears, laughter or cries, that you get the goosebumps. Do not repress, let them out, learn to transmute negatives in positive (because negative emotions generate so much energy that the entities of the lower levels have a feast with them over and over again). Above all remember that we have what many do not posses, that we advance to a pace that many would want, and that we have more potential than many would like, simply, remember that everything is prepared for us to make the most of it.