You all know that our human body is a compendium of different organs, tissues, muscles and other components. What happens to one organ affects necessarily to another, one problem in a certain part of the body can be the expression of something that started elsewhere and only if we take and understand the human body as a “whole” and unique unity, we will understand certain situations, diseases and problems we can have at our physical and energetic level.

This human body we use, is a highly sophisticated evolutionary vehicle, strongly appreciated by the souls or beings that use them to learn and experience, because it is also a representation at a microcosmic level of realities much greater that we, in most cases, do not even imagine.

The terrestrial ecosystem

The same goes for our planet Earth. The natural ecosystem that exists in this small floating paradise is impressive. Everything is related to everything, an imbalance in one part of the globe affects in a thousand ways to everything that happens somewhere else. When energy fields in one place are being harmonized or balanced, the effects and the physical counterpart can be felt a thousands of kilometers away or when nature flows in harmony even life forms in the depths of the seas feel happy.

Same thing happens with our solar system, a greater representation of the same kind of system, a cosmic body, a united and interdependent ecosystem that circulates in the Milky Way, rotating around the galactic center as a single body, where the Sun, like the Logos, its creator, pulls strongly from the rest of the component parts.

Each part with a function, but everything is related

Even if, from our limited point of view it may be difficult to understand, everything that happens anywhere in the Solar System affects us, but affects us as planet, in a macro scale where we are unable to notice it in our daily life. There are serious studies regarding these forces and energies done by Astrology, but we do not quite understand the real function the different parts have within the solar system.

The first thing we have to understand is that each planet has consciousness and life of its own, that means that they have “free will”. It is a bit difficult to define this type of free will, but we could say that just like the conscience or “spirit” of our planet (or the beings that constitute at an energetic level our planet) can decide upon their own evolutionary path, independently from the one the humans decide to take to go inside the boat, it also the rest of planets have their own “being” or “soul” with freedom to make their decisions (that we do not understand or perceive but there they are).

These planets, fulfill at an energy level different functions within the solar system and their planetary minds have different roles. The Sun is evidently the giver of life, the Creator, the Logos of the Solar System and represents the beauty of creation that travels through its journey across the galaxy. In a way, everything that exists in the solar system, in all the planets at any evolutionary level, has inserted a component of the Sun’s energy core. Our “being”, our spirit in some cases “came out” from this Solar Logos because as a creator he is a “Source” in all its right. Other beings “came out” from the Galactic Logos and other places since there are many “Sources” and places where a “spirit” can “be born” to begin an evolutionary path back to the Source.

If the Sun is the Logos and has the last word about the purpose of the solar system manifested by him, the rest of the planets also fulfill other functions no less important. Venus, for example, is the reference planet for the positive spiritual-energetic evolution. It is the part of the solar system that relentlessly goes forward through the positive way towards the Source and by the same law of duality that rules the entire cosmos, has its negative counterpart in Mars. Mars is the planet that at the solar system level, represents the “negative” evolutionary path, with energies of opposite polarity to those of Venus, making the solar system manifest in perfect balance, both evolutionary possibilities for those desiring to incarnate here.

The planet of the election and the rest of the components

The Earth, in the middle, is the planet of choice. I mentioned it before in previous articles that here, our third density is called the Density of Choice because it is the level where an entity must choose polarity, take the positive path of service to others or the path of service to self. That does not mean that you are going to Venus or Mars, far from it, it means that those two planets are the ones that lay the energetic bases for both polarities in the whole solar system. The Earth is one of those places where you come to make choices when you are in “third” before moving to fourth, even if you make fourth somewhere else in the galaxy, if you wish.

Then we have the two great planets, Jupiter and Saturn. Saturn represents harmony, is the planet that maintains energetically the harmony of the solar system and Jupiter represents equilibrium. I am not talking about what they represent astrologically horoscopes or human interpretations but about the function they have regarding the Sun, inside the whole solar system, and not about the energy that the human race can experience in its reality coming from these planets.

Finally we have Uranus, that we could name the “trainee” planet “, it is a being that is “growing up” and learning, lagging behind the rest of the bodies. Pluto acts more like a satellite out of orbit and does not have a specific function while Neptune and Mercury have other functions that I do not know how to explain in this moment.

The ones that are gone and the secondary functions

In the past, the solar system had another component, the planet we call Maldek, which we currently associate with the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. A planet literally blown up into pieces by the entities and beings that inhabited it, its “warlike tendencies” and atomic potential, a slightly more radical version of what happens in our planet. In fact, many of the entities that were left “without school” when Maldek disappeared, came to incarnate in our planet since at that time it was the only close viable place.

But the solar system has many other components as comets and meteorites from the Oort cloud. This Oort cloud is one of the protective barriers of the solar system rather “physical” because the heliosphere is an “energetic” barrier that protects us while we circulate through the galaxy. On the other hand, we could associate the function of these comets with that of messengers within the body of the solar system, although when I say messengers I mean “warnings” that something is not going right.

The Nemesis hypothesis

When I explained the Nemesis hypothesis to you in detail at last year’s conference, we were looking at all the information that exists regarding the cyclic bombardment of comets that arrive on Earth every few thousand years. This large cluster of comets that periodically enters directly into the solar system (each time the star we have baptized “Nemesis” approaches and cuts the cloud of Oort), is attracted by the gravitational force of the Sun that may or may not approach the planets of the same depending on several factors. That is to say, that the same planetary bodies can provoke or avoid that groups of millions of comets impact against them or not.

In order to understand this, you have to think about the stones formed in the human kidney. Where there are toxins, stones appear as a warning to the rest of the human body that there is a problem that needs to be solved. In the big solar system body the comets serve the same function as the kidney stones, where there are toxins, stones appear.

What is important to understand is that our planet, depending on the “toxins” it emits, can be a magnet or a repulsor of this big cluster of comets that cyclically passes by. The comets are the cleaning team when the energy charge of a planetary body needs a sweep. It is a natural function, it is easier for the meteor shower to fall on planets “charged with toxins” than on clean planets. In the past, great meteorites have hit us and other planets in the solar system where it was necessary to “click” an energy bubble (in 1994 Comet Shoemaker-Levy hit Jupiter causing an amazing show to our astronomers. I do not know if we would be here now, if it had impacted against the Earth ).

Even if the arrival of the physical cleaning that the Earth needs is “unavoidable” , it is also true that it is possible, and it is only a possibility, that if by then the frequency level of the planet is sufficiently high and we are in “another course” when this happens, maybe and only maybe, we will not “suffer” the pass of the broom and the mop or, only “3D” reality of the planet will go through it. It is an open possibility, one of the different possible futures that lie ahead.

On the other hand, it also depends on what the rest of planetary bodies do when crossing this cloud of comets in its cyclical path through the interior of the solar system. For example if this big cluster of comets were at Saturn’s level, Jupiter’s free will could slow down, divert or accelerate the movement, direction and speed. And when I say free will, I mean the energetic force that the conscious mind of the being that shapes the planet we call Jupiter can exercise over its close environment. Once surpassing Jupiter, Mars would not have the strength to divert or modify that trajectory because it is a planet in negative polarity that although it does not need a sweep, does not have the strength to deflect the stones. So the next inflexion point would be our planet. If we stop emitting “energetic toxins” they will pass by to Venus way, that could also modify its direction, trajectory and speed. And finally they will end up at the Sun, that will absorb these “messengers” until another “supervision” and cleaning cycle of this big cosmic body, the Solar System occurs.

A great cosmic body

We travel aboard one of the “organs” of a great cosmic body, a big “living” system in all senses with such a degree of complexity that it is impossible for us to fully understand it. Just like a single cell of our body is not capable to understand the functioning of the whole body, we are cells in one of those organs of thousands of bodies within a bigger body, the galaxy. But every part of that body has the potential to influence each other, both positively and negatively, so if we do not want to be the magnet that emits toxins crying out for an energy purification team, we just have to clean up our planet, starting with ourselves individually. That way we will stop showing the lure that the human race globally is crying out to the messengers of the solar system.