The struggle to take control of our “mind” is really impressive. I speak from a point of view of creating of our own reality. Have you noticed that when more people deny in their reality what they don’t like, more incessant are the “attacks” and “bombings” to the collective unconscious so that this denial has no effect?

The fact that more and more people walk around 24 hours a day, affirming: “I do not want that in my life “, “that is not part of my reality“, “that is not in my reality“,” I do not accept it“, “that is not for me”, etc., etc., it makes it increasingly difficult to maintain the control over the direction of the “global reality” that we all share, because these affirmations are the most powerful ones that we have at the time of not accepting a world imposed by the exterior.

Get out from the manipulation attempt

Since I started repeating every time to myself I did not want something or that I did not like something, or “that’s not part of my reality”, I find myself trapped on an “inner struggle” (as one way of speaking) between what my subconscious receives from the collective unconscious and what my “logical” mind refuses to accept as part of my world. Most of the time, when we get a little distracted, the subconscious wins and the subliminal messages arise, all what is projected to us from the media, etc., but at the moment that I return to take control (I realize) that this one returns to take control of my experience again. I do not know how to explain it, I really consider it like “a battle” where we do not want to be influenced by a supposed world imposed from the outside and in an attempt to put into practice in each second, the principle that each one creates the reality in which he wishes to live. Although we have to co-exist in a common reality, when many people like yourself create their own world, this is able to beat the “world” imposed by that “control” (at any level and in any area) and this is much better.

Incessant bombardment and increasingly “powerful”

For those who are up in the pyramid of control where we live, it is more and more necessary to bomb, create, generate and continue attacking this unconscious collective and directly to our subconscious to continue generating that fear we have talked about of constant concern and that feeling that everything that happens outside is terrible. The “crisis of the cucumbers” where they are getting us in, is now the new episode of this attempt at manipulation.

Do the test

All this you are reading, does not make any sense if you do not experience it by yourself and you won’t obtain the results in a day. It takes weeks “blocking” what comes to us through the subconscious to realize when they are trying to “manipulate” us again. Do the test. Begin by denying all you do not like, any news, any event, any situation. Do it constantly and do not permit it sink on you through your energy, then you will begin to feel you are winning that “struggle” over to who has more power in the physical manifestation of the world where you want to exist. It’s a matter of being aware of it, then it becomes an habit and the blockage is instantaneous.