The Sun, the Higher Self of Gaia/Kumar/Mother Earth


In a previous post in which I spoke about the evolutionary path of our planet and as within some time (undetermined) Gaia/Kumar/Pachamama (different names for this planetary’ logos consciousness) was going to complete its current evolutionary cycle and process on Earth, I didn’t comment that this evolutionary path is marked by what could be Kumar’s “Higher Self”, which is nothing other than the consciousness or the being embodied in the SUN, called the solar logos.

We could normally consider all solar systems as being a representation of several incarnations of the planetary logos plus the “main solar spirit”, the first ones using planets as “physical bodies” for their experiences. The Sun, or any star with a system of planets, is the main consciousness that “gives life” to that system and “coordinates” the planetary logoi, in our case, the solar system, while its “subjects” are the consciences that give life to each one of the planets that compose it.

When the spirit of the Earth completes its current cycle, it will leave the planet in its current vibrational state and advance to a new on another level in parallel with the current one for a while, perhaps on another physical structure overlapping the current one on Earth. It will be the design of the “consciousness” of the SUN that indicates how and when, and where, this happens, and if you consider it, it is completely logical. It is the same process by which we spend all of us, different lives in different bodies, chosen and selected by our Higher Self, that when they complete their learning period, they simply “end”, then returning to embody in another body.

On an extremely vast scale, the process is the same. The consciousness of each planet is governed by an evolutionary period that can last trillions of years, but when it is finished, simply that consciousness moves the planet structure to a new level and starts again a new cycle one octave higher, according to the evolutionary designs of its solar logos. Thus, our main star, evolves accumulating the experiences that are transmitted to him by his planetary logos, in another type of way completely different from ours and without point of comparison, but I dare to say that like us, once Kumar “graduates” from all the experiences in this cycle it will simply jump to a higher one and this will help humanity to evolve as well, passing, who knows, to some other levels of evolution that exist on that type of path.

I know that many of us are in the final stages of our own cycle, rushing experiences to “graduate” as the planet does, to avoid having to “find” another site in which to continue advancing at the level of third dimension, but there’s nothing to worry about.

For the rest, it is interesting to know that much of the incredible influence that the Sun is having on the planet (solar storms and so on) is in a certain way destined to “give small energetic nudges” to the frequency of the Earth, both to protect it from invasive elements that try to delay their progress to increase their “strength” in the last sections of the road. Who knows what this means, perhaps we will see it during this incarnation, I would like to.

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