In the last few weeks and thanks to a friend and magnificent therapist, I have been digging into my memory through regressive therapy, on an experiment aimed at finding as much information as possible about the so-called pre-project (the incarnation plan of each soul) and the period of space between lives, having as a goal, to understand the whole process of a soul between incarnation and incarnation. Her help has made me get information that has an incalculable value for me, it made me understand many things and, well, in some session we both have gone crazy because there has been some experience something unusual that I will explain in some other time and that is related to the job of being a “wanderer“. In any case, what I wanted to tell you today is the subject of the famous “light tunnel”.

We always say that when a person dies he goes to the light, or that when someone has a near-death experience he always sees a tunnel. In our traditions and popular beliefs we send souls into the “light” and ask our beloved ones to go into the “tunnel of light”. So, what is really that tunnel? Is it really a tunnel? It is. At least as I have experienced it in regression and meditation several times, and from both angles, I mean, I have revived the entrance to this plane “from above” and I have revived the exit of the same “from below”.

Where you enter or exit from

The first thing I have been able to deduce is that each soul enters and exits from a slightly different plane depending on its own evolutionary level. Normally the transition process after death from the physical plane is made to the mental plane where there are infinite sub-planes within the three main divisions we usually do (low, medium and high mental). When the physical body dies, and crosses that tunnel that I then will describe a little bit more as I see it, appears on the other side in the evolutionary level or frequency plane that corresponds to you, so that not everyone ends up in the same “place”. Most souls end up in different sub-levels from mid to high mental level, but more advanced souls and wandering souls occupy different places on the non-physical inner planes surrounding the planet.

The way I’ve seen it, it may be something like the sketch below:


For example, in the first regression session we did, I relived the exit from my previous life where I had drowned and how that exit occurred in my case. This is the transcript part of the regressive session:

“” David: All the lungs fill with water….. I start coughing, I feel the real sensation of how my lungs fill with water and how I’m drowning. I cough several times.]

S (the terapist): What ideas go through your head? What feelings?

D: that it’s taking too long…. let’s see… Don’t separate myself from the body yet? (Soul: speaks with a frightening coldness, there is no emotion, it’s like if I commented that the bus is late)

S: You are drowning…

D: Well… yes, I suppose I have left my body, I don’t feel the water aymore…

S: What thoughts do you have?

D: Where do I go now? Well…. There, there’s the tunnel up there, I know where I’m going…

D: The perception of the tunnel was spectacular, in the sky, above my head a huge vortex opened, white, padded, about 500 meters above me. Well, I go up, the tunnel opens… I see where to ascend…well….

S: What’s your feeling?

D: I already know him. It’s routine…

S: Have you been through that tunnel many times?

D: More than a thousands times…. “”

The soul, once out of the body, perceives the tunnel or opening that corresponds to it and that allows it to leave the physical plane. The souls who do not wish to “go to the light” simply have the option and the free will of not going through it. In my case, the feeling that I had was of a tremendous security about where I was going.

Entering into a New Life

The path of entry to the physical plane is identical. Every soul, after its review of previous life, after an “energetic” cleansing, after the healing of everything that needs to be healed and the preparation of the new evolutionary plan for the new incarnation, finds that vortex open again that takes him exactly to the point of physical reality where he must enter.

For example, in a deep meditation I relived the following process in great detail:

My Higher Self tells me that everything is ready. I am consciousness, I am an energetic form that despite being in a vehicle external to me, does not need any special means of transport to move from one side to the other. We are energy, and that energy can ride through the currents and interstellar lines that surround and cross throughout the galaxy of all planetary systems.

The tunnel is opened, it is like a white vortex, luminous, I know it is the opening that allows me to enter the density and evolutionary level of the planet in which I am going to incarnate, I know that soon I will forget who I am, I know that I am starting a new adventure, I know that my brothers and colleagues will be monitoring me from their position, and I know that I will not remember it or know it until many years from now when I wake up and remember who I am and what I came to do along with many millions of other beings who are entering daily through the same tunnels of light through which I am now descending.

Oh, what a delight. There’s the physical vehicle I’m going to use. How beautiful it is, that baby looks at me. He’s in on an advanced gestation period, he knows we’re going to be companions, he allows me to enter, to be united with him. He has pretty eyes and a very pretty face too.

I’m already in, I’m part of this baby now, I’m this baby now. I will begin to forget soon after this period of growth and birth occurs. It is a pleasant feeling to get along with the body that welcomes you”

In this case, I was aware that the soul entered the body before birth, but this is not always the case, in another session something else happened, that I entered the body just after it was born:

After relaxation and within a regressive state:

David: I am still seeing this kind of tunnel…

S (the terapist): Are you inside the tunnel?

D: Yes, still inside… yes…

S: Very well, what is going on?

D: It’s a long tunnel… there is light at the end but I haven’t reached it yet…

S: What are your feelings?

D: I am a little bit lost…

S: Do you feel you are lost?

D: This tunnel doesn’t end… it’s like if I was reluctant to enter

S: To enter into the light?

D: Yes…

S: Why do you think you’re reluctant? What do you feel?

D: That I am leaving behind… my house…

S: Are you conscious that you have a house?

D: Yes… I leave it behind, well, I am going to “work” for a while

S: Is it hard?

D: Yes…

S: Don’t you like working?

D: Well… yes, I do. Now I see it from the outside, in a delivery room, the doctor is wearing a green robe, it is a modern room

S: Do you see it from outside

D: Yes, it’s a boy…

S: How is that boy?

D: Good, normal… I will go inside…

S: Do you decided to go in?

D: Yes…

S: Weren’t you inside before birth?

D: No

S: You go inside at the moment he is born?

D: Yes… and now I am inside the body

S: What happens now? Do you still remember that you are here to work?

D: Yes, but now the important thing is to adapt to this body

S: And how do you adapt?

D: I am asking for permission to this body

S: How do you do that? How do you ask for permission?

D: It’s like when you wear a glove… you start expanding and mingling with the body inside…

S: Do you want to fill it up?

D: Yes…

S: And this body has its own life? Does it have a consciousness of its own with which you have to mingle with?

D: Yes…

S: And does this body have the same energetic load from before?

D: Yes…

S: And you have to adapt to it?

D: Yes…

S: How do you do that?

D: I am inside like in a cell, like in a small prison cell

S: Do you feel locked up?

D: I am too big… for this…

S: What you mean with big?

D: I don’t know… it’s…

S: Do you mean size or something else?

D: I mean volume, energy… ”

And the regression carries on reliving all my past life until the moment I pass away.

The Control of the Tunnel

What is interesting in these experiences is to feel that every time the soul needs to enter or to leave this physical plane, there is in fact a gate that seems to open at the right time and to be in the right place when we abandon an incarnation, or to be in the right place and time when we come in because I am certain that we can choose not only the place, but the time, entering by the correct timeline according to our plans. What is this intelligence that serves as the control system for the opening of this tunnel? It seems to be part of the mechanisms proper to life on this planet, as if it were a gear that exists on non-physical planes and that is aware of when it is necessary to let a soul in or out. It is possible that there are other entities of other higher orders taking care that this process will never be altered or fail, although I have the impression that really when we are all connected with all creation, we are the ones who, on some level, are interacting with the infinite intelligence that is presupposed to regulate this process and that tells us how and when we can return to incarnate and spend another little season “working” or enjoying this video game.