The unconscious as the point of union of all aspects of our Being

When I try to explain in the Akashic Healing courses the concept of simultaneous incarnations and parallel lives, it always happens the same, we rack our heads trying to find a way to understand, from a linear perspective, how possible it is. As a matter of fact, it is not possible to understand it at all since our mind does not conceive time as a function that is not linear and continuous, so it’s a matter of theorizing it and putting it into a perspective that we’ll possibly understand once we’re out of this “illusion,” which is life at this evolutionary level that we’re at.

Everything connected with everything

In another post I talked about why we don’t remember all the experiences of those past lives, even if they are actually simultaneous. Now we will head to the mechanics of this connection with those other simultaneous lives on the basis of that all of our existences, past lives, present life and our future incarnations are happening at the same time from the point of view of our Higher Self who perceives it as if we were all different people living together in one big city, each with their chores, paths, concerns and lessons, and “he” as one entity compiling, monitoring, guiding and protecting each of those incarnations.

As in any big city, all the existences we have can be found at some point by accident or provoked, and it does not have to be necessarily a physical encounter, but normally these encounters are energetic and occur most of the times when we are sleeping, which is when the internal processes of our psyche emerge once the conscious mind is silenced and when we normally do “astral” walks that can lead us to connect or visit ourselves in other realities and planes. I talked about it in that other post where we discussed the connections and influences of different parts of our Being.

The unconscious as the connection between the different aspects of the self

The fact of having a “veil” (set of programs and blockages) between our conscious mind and the rest of our psyche, aims to make us unconscious of what happens in those other incarnations, whether in parallel lives (parallel realities or dimensions, ourselves in other aspects of this current incarnation) or in simultaneous incarnations (other parts of us, in other epochs, bodies, societies, etc.). This veil can be tossed partially with hypnosis and regression techniques as well as with meditation so that we can connect or perceive those other existences that we are currently having.

What we have to understand is that we are always connected to all aspects of ourselves, even at a very deep level of which we are not normally aware. We have access to all that come across in our conscious mind, and we have partial access to processes that function automatically in the subconscious, however, where greater activity exists in all aspects, is in the part that we call unconscious and that functions as a point of union or nexus of connection among our past, parallel and future incarnations.

Personality disorders due to dysfunctions in the protective veil

When by any problem, any serious trauma or any cerebral dysfunction the mental structures that separate and maintain this “veil” that differentiates our “normal” mind from our unconscious mind are broken or deteriorated, experiences and behaviors can come out the surface which can come from different personalities or facets from our SUPRA-BEING that are active by other sides that, suddenly when are not being blocked by the separation between unconscious and conscious, they emerge to the surface through the mental subconscious sphere and its own layer in the mental body.

It may be the case, for example, of people who have multiple personality disorders, which have nothing to do with any possession or anchorage of external entities, but are the cause of “failures” in the mental block that makes parts of our being that correspond to other types of lives happening in other places, sneak in as part of the expression of that person in his current life.

Suddenly, a distinct personality appears with abilities X, which we do not normally have, with a character and a vision of life that does not correspond to the present incarnation, which suddenly disappears again when the conscious mind of that present incarnation takes back control and “covers” that external influence that comes from the connection with that other simultaneous incarnation.

We, in that other simultaneous life, are probably suffering some kind of similar effect because suddenly we seem to be perceiving things, information, experiences and sensations that do not fit with our current perception of our reality.

Meditation as a tool for self-knowledge

It is complicated for our Higher Self to offer the possibility of a total connection between two parts of itself in a permanent way,with the suppression of that “veil”, what is normal is that the transfer of certain information between incarnations is allowed when it is beneficial and necessary for both parts. This can be done simply by a meditation, so entering into a state in which the conscious mind is silenced, the Higher Self can simply channel or “lead us” (can’t find a better term) with that other simultaneous or parallel incarnation from which we can obtain the experience we need, and suppose a benefit “for both sides”. In fact, these kinds of connections happen all the time but we don’t realize it. They are at another level below the level of perception of the rational mind and and it almost always happens when we are sleeping to avoid causing dysfunctions in the conscious activity of all of us and not violating our free will in the decisions we must make at each moment.

If you want to try to understand it, stop for a moment your activity, pay attention to your mind, and think that below the normal processes that are active in this instant, there are other processes that cross the borders of space and time and, in other planes, are connecting you with all the parts of SUPRA-BEING that you really are, constantly and simultaneously. And now visualize that an energetic connection is latent with your Higher Self that guides and protects you, monitors and orients you and that constantly works so those parts of yourself, as people existing in a great city, get to complete their objectives, lessons and learnings with the simply objective of getting a “graduation” of existence in this current city hoping to move to another “higher” level with new challenges and experiences.

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