I have not written for days because I am saturated with many concepts to integrate, digest and process in my own path of growth. As you go forward and in a synchronic way always arrive new experiences and facts, and there are periods in which, when you want to “ask” for “a little help”, more than small “doses” you get tons of information. I have been working in my fourth book for months and there are a couple of chapters about free will, that have a lot to do with the daily “struggle” in Akashic healing for expelling negative entities coupled to many of us, of whom I have spoken in a rode of articles in the blog. Many times, the mere fact of “creating awareness” about it helps people, so I continue to come intuitions to continue writing on the subject from new angles.

People “manipulated” by negative entities

One of the blocks that come out from time to time in the readings are the so-called “pacts” and “fastenings” , which basically means that we have “agreed” with negative entities to let us “anchor” in exchange for anything. When an entity has managed to “convince” a person to obtain its “energy”, this person becomes part of the hierarchical pyramid through which the negative energy is consumed and absorbed towards higher and higher levels(I explained it in this Entry ) being on the tip of this pyramid of dimensions or higher planes those entities, successively graduated of all lower levels, which have persisted in the way of service to oneself, through which seek to return to “The Source” Taking for granted that the way to do it is the assimilation in themselves of the rest of consciences and entities.

The value of free will

The primary objective of negative polarity (entities) is to persuade and influence the behavior and free will of those who become their objectives (physical persons), so that they line up with the negative path of higher levels (ie Consenting to the process of manipulation and anchorage and becoming pawns of “service to oneself”). In the long term, the goal is of course the absorption of the person’s energy with his or her free will intact, otherwise the food is not “so healthy”. That is, if they get your energy offered in a “pampered” way, it has much more power and value than if it is not.

The most valuable element of an entity, embodied or not, is its free will, because it is what distinguishes a conscious entity as such. At the instant in which a person chooses a negative polarity in his or her life, in a timely or generic way, as a result of exercising his or her free will, that person becomes “responsibility” and part of the “chain” of food of the entity of the higher density that has produced the change of polarity, without prejudice to the type of deception or manipulation carried out for it and the conditions imposed for such a choice to take place.

In other words, confusion, physical, mental or emotional attack, energy exhaustion, and any other form of manipulation are legitimate tools for this evolutionary mode (service to oneself) of persuading those whom they wish to “convert”, even if it’s temporarily. However, these entities consider that the more subtle the means used, the more value the “prey” retains. A crushed and “tortured” conscience is the equivalent of “overcooked” food and many higher level entities are great connoisseurs of the subject.

But I’ve never given permission!

How do we get someone to offer to be food? If it were as simple as asking and saying yes or no, most entities would be famished and dead from “starvation”. It takes this way to start using all the possible tricks to get that permission. In theAkashichealing courses when someone has an anchored entity we look to see what has been “offered” in return,if this is so, and there isn’t always a reason or counterpart. It is true that many times we are presented with negative entities disguised as all kinds of beings, guides,masters, angels, etc. and (usually during the sleep), they offer us help in exchange for “energy”. The permission in these cases is usually automatic, finding the next day that we have an anchored entity from which we know nothing. In many cases we will never notice it, energy absorption is subtle, but we are already part of that food chain that feeds “upward”, whether we are aware or not.

In other cases, the majority, the problem is that the permission is given, since the dawn of humanity, we do not know how or why, but at some point, jointly, we have interacted and given permission to higher-order entities to use us as energy food. And so they let us know in the readings. Yes, it’s design rules, rules of the game. 5D live of 4D and lower, 4D live of 3D and inferior, we live of the animal and vegetal kingdoms, but still, we have given permission for it. And we have transmitted it, so even when we are sure that we have never interacted with a negative entity, that permission, on a global level, exists, and welcomes that “right.”

Expelling them, disconnect them, denying permission

I have experienced many ways to revoke that permit at the individual level, and it works if it is a direct and personal hoax. The violation of free will is patent and the entity can be expelled (without impediment that another wants to take its place three days later). But the only way out of this “global” agreement at the human level is the “graduation” of this evolutionary level. I have not been able (at least yet) to disconnect any person from this agreement at race level that implies that we can be “energy poison” for these entities (if you have not given permission for it on any level, that is what your energy can represent). Maybe there is some way to do it, but now we can only expel them in a recurrent and constant way each time we’re anchored. Everything is learning and experience, so you must understand that it is part of the game, even so, and precisely because of that, it is part of my free will to decide whether I want to play with those rules. We’ll have to keep learning.