The veil of amnesia, forgetting the information of our other incarnations


Let’s talk about past lives or simultaneous lives, many people have asked what is the reason for the so-called “veil of amnesia” that makes us remember absolutely nothing of what we have been, lived, learned and experienced in these other incarnations. For those who believe that there is only one life, the explanation is simple because there are no memories of other lives. For those of us who believe in the evolution of the entity or the soul that we are, in this evolutionary course where we are, passing through dozens, hundreds of incarnations, the explanation is different.

Looking for the veil of amnesia

If it exists a blockage that prevents us from remembering other lives, where is it? Well, it is somewhere between the subconscious and the conscious. This “veil” is an analogy, there are thousands of programs and layers of information superimposed, characteristic of the 3D entities located in the physical vehicle we use, the human body, in the “mental” component of it. The soul, incarnation after incarnation, stores in itself and in the Higher Self all that it has lived and experienced, whether it happens as we say in past lives or if it is happening in simultaneous lives (with which there is always a connection). The two natural access doors to this information are dreams and meditation / channeling information directly from our Higher Self. And is there where we have the only opportunities to experience what has happened or is happening to us in those other lives. But the information we carry inside, is accessible and can be recovered from the subconscious layer of the mental body, what we do by bridging the conscious mind with the subconscious through hypnosis and regressions to past/simultaneous lives. The fact that we can recover information about anything we have lived through the historical periods where we have existed, tells us that the information has not faded, but is perfectly within the reach of any of us.

The evolutionary reasons for the installation of the amnestic block

Although there are people who seem to naturally remember heaps of things from their previous existences, most of us don’t remember anything. This is an evolutionary function established by design for all entities that are as manipulated as we are. The reason is that it is necessary in each incarnation to start with a clean table in order to accumulate the necessary experiences without the burden of previous experiences and without the violation of the free will of each incarnation, because knowing everything we have done and experienced, not only represents a bounty of data that will make us take certain decisions or not to take them (for something that happened to us somewhere in the first century in Greece we don’t remember about), but also puts in danger pre-incarnative agreements we have with other people, with whom we interact and we agree to help each other to evolve.

Imagine that you walk down the street and you meet someone you do not know in this life, but thanks that your memory is intact on everything you lived, you remember that he sells you as a slave five centuries ago, that you killed him in the Punic Wars, and that he stole everything you had and left you in ruins in the XVIII century. Then you go to the store to buy some bread, but remember that the person who sold it to you was your secret lover in the Middle Ages, and that her son, who is your friend, was the husband you had to kill during a duel. And this is only with people who are not close to you, now imagine what would it happen if your parents, siblings, children or partner had full awareness, at this time, of everything you have done together? The fact that we think it could help us because we would be wiser, doesn’t have a very solid base, because I think we would have to deal day after day with our ego, character and personality adapted to the circumstances of this incarnation, something that not everyone would take the same knowing the interactions made with people to whom, by karmic agreements, we have had to live again to repeat incomplete lessons, heal karmic debts or fulfill agreements previously made.

A burden, more than a help

In most experiences, this information is more of a burden than a help. In fact, when the level of the Higher Self jumps into the 3D, the rules of the game are perfectly known as well as the reasons why memories and experiences must be below the threshold of the conscious mind. But this doesn’t mean that by accessing into this unconscious mind / soul / Higher Self, we can recover some of this information, but it is not the same as carrying it continuously on our backs in our rational mind.

The veil becomes finer

With the advent of energy changes we are suffering and with all that is taking place on the planet, many people are realizing of the increase in the access to this kind of information (someday I will publish all the dreams I´ve been having for months about all the things I’ve lived and that I´ve been living in other timelines, it’s very interesting). Spontaneously, people who have the ability to perceive this information in other people are suddenly talking to you and they see you as you were at that time of The Crusades. The information is there, present in you, and the veil is becoming a little finer each time. I don’t think it will break for complete, it would be madness and a planned and enormous mental deprogramming would be necessary. It would be such a big mental saturation that we could not deal with it (this last answer comes directly from a meditation where I asked if I can use some technique to reduce or break this “veil”).

Even so, especially in dreams, we have more and more access where we have all that is stored in our subconscious, and it is extremely interesting to begin to understand current situations with certain people in our environment, with the base of common history that in many cases can be traced back 15 centuries or more.

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