One of the hardest parts of navigating this school of life is the inability to see us as we really are. Because of the the body we use in each incarnation the organic costume, we have the ease and ability to hide, naturally and unconsciously everything we carry on an emotional, mental and spiritual level, and not even those clairvoyant people are 100% able to see a person as it truly “IS” at the level of the essence that he incarnates in it.

It is a characteristic designed for the evolutionary work to be done in this “course” in which we are, but it is a characteristic that personally annoys me. And it annoys me because it seems to me that it is the cause that we are not able to understand each other directly, and that humanity has to resort to judgments, opinions, comments and analysis of each other to try to get to perceive or understand what the rest of us do, say or simply “is.”

“The veil of opacity”

I know it’s part of the game, and it’s inevitable. At the moment, the school that represents Earth is characterized by being the hardest evolutionary level for us since the configuration chosen by this system where we are incarnated is a configuration of high free will but high “veil” of opacity compared to higher levels. I mean, we have no idea about what we have ahead of us because we cannot perceive the frequency range of the next reality of the game, therefore, all we can do are conjectures, assemble our belief system and discuss with others about all this since no one can really perceive it.

In other systems it seems to be much easier and very different. The veil (all the programming we have) of opacity that blocks our sensory perception of the following evolutionary levels is thinner, or simply non-existent, so that entities that incarnate on a lighter planet could and can perceive semi-clearly the next level in the same way that we can perceive the “fifth” being in the “fourth” and perceive the “sixth” being in the fifth, etc.

Of course, no wonder when we have to interact with each other, we have to use the sensory and cognitive functions we have at our disposal: what we see, what we feel and what we hear from others. Then we must interpret these signals, energies, words, perceived sensations and analyze them, decipher them … see if they make sense to us, if they fit into our reality and if that person is “tuned in” and is congruent with what he does and claims to be or If he is at the antipodes of all that. The more difficult it is for us to discern the person as he really is in essence, the more conjecture and more analysis, value judgments and opinions we form, because we have less “real” information to judge something or someone. On the other hand, the more awake and aware of ourselves we are, and the less automatic programs we run, the easier it becomes for us to perceive if another person is also aware of herself or if she is on an automatic pilot in one of the multiple activated facets of character and personality that we all generate.

Basically if we could really perceive ourselves as we are, and if we had not received the programming that was imbued in the human being by genetic manipulation in our origins as a species, we would not generate personality archetypes to deal with the day to day and with the rest of the humanity. We wouldn’t need it. We would be transparent to each other and the communication from “being” to “being” would be real. It would probably not be from soul to soul because we would still have the barrier of the body in between, but communication and understanding between people would be a 1000 times higher than the level we are currently in. And I’m not talking about strangers with whom we have to make a triple effort to locate, dissect and find a way to interact with them but with those of our own family, social or work environment that we have to deal with every day.

It’s all about learning

What do you want me to tell you? These barriers annoy me. It bothers me to have to explain myself or use my personality archetypes instead of being perceived as I am and that I can be read directly on an emotionally and mentally way, but I have no way of getting rid of this suit that I occupy (but I also have no intention of this since it is my vehicle for my evolution in this level where I still am) so all I can do is be as transparent as possible by disassembling my automatic programs, my behavior patterns and my personality facets that only exist because I live in a dense and energetically blind environment to what exists around because I must use words instead of “Gestalts” (communication in the form of blocks of information, where everything is transmitted one concept at a time the way is done in all the following frequency levels) and because I must do the impossible to understand the essence of a person without judging her because of her personality archetypes and behavior programs. Sometimes I get it, and I am able to see when someone is executing a certain pattern or program and with it I get rid of having to react as if I would not be aware of it (reacting with the same automatic program by social convention or by instinctive reaction of the character) unfortunately it isn’t like that for almost any of us in most cases.

Everything is part of a learning, the more difficult it becomes to understand one with each other, the more effort we have to put on it, knowing that the more lessons, skills and qualities we acquire and develop on ourselves, the more impact on the speed evolutionary with which the passage through this evolutionary level is completed. But this only works if we have the knowledge base that this is by evolutionary design, because that’s how it was chosen for this planet where we have decided to incarnate and where we accept the rules of the game. Many other “souls” are in other, “lighter” planetary systems (probably more positive in terms of polarity of service to others). When you go blind and you don’t know why (you don’t even think you’re going blind), that’s when all the conflict, discussion, value judgments, conflicting opinions, disqualifications or simply rejection of everything that doesn’t match your vision of going blind is nothing than the personal reality of each one of us.

Good thing we have our guides

The lack of perspective over things, the not perceiving people, things, events, etc. on a complete and objective way, since we cannot do it due to the great amount of filters we have, makes us need some “external” help from those who are not fasten to this temporary blindness, I mean, from those who are not incarnated on a physical body. That’s the reason we have all those entities we call spiritual guides to help us navigate on this reality. Nothing is left to chance in the game of creation, and where exist “blind people”, there are lazarillos dogs (with all my love to our guides) who are the only ones to be able to see in perspective things from the true essence of them. If it were not for our guides, including our own Higher Self, we would be much more lost on this reality, because we would not have any information, intuition or support which indicate us when we are reading the reality of a complete wrong way according to how we would read it if we didn’t have that veil of opacity inserted.

And this, fortunately, is only one feature of this course. When the planet finishes shaking all its 3D 7, 8Hz STS energy load, when the 3D 15.6Hz STO energy load that swarms through the non-physical planes be physically integrated and activated on the planet, when we have the new evolutionary level ready to be used and current life has been completed its cycle, we will be ready to interact on a totally transparent way between us.

A new vehicle, a new common reality

The physical suit that we will use on the next evolutionary level will depend on the needs of the planet to work with the energies of that new reality that reach it externally from all sides (the body we use now is originally a planet design to meet the needs of reception and anchoring of 3D energies). But if it is correct, grosso modo, what some sources tell us (such as the publications of L.L. Research, The Law of One, the thousands of pages of transcripts of “Qu’o” through Carla R. Rueckbert, what was published by Barbara Brodksy or Michael Topper, and the transcripts of Laura Knight and her Cassiopeia experiment) once we have passed this evolutionary level where we are now, every planetary system becomes a seed of what they call “complexes of social memory ”, I mean, a system in which all those who are incarnated on a 4D planet or higher, are consciously connected to each other and perceive each other in a complete and transparent way by making their energy and mental resources available to the social memory (of the set of entities that form it) without losing individuality, simply having access to the vast set of resources that is the information and knowledge available in each and every one of the individuals and entities that are connected to that social complex.

The collective unconscious as a common resource of information

We already have our own version of a social memory complex, it is our collective unconscious, but we do not have conscious access or know how to use it for the benefit of all (but it can be manipulated for the benefit of a few and for the disadvantage of the rest) due precisely to that veil of opacity that prevents us from seeing beyond physical and tangible reality in almost all cases. But if we don’t see it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist, we all are connected to everyone (which is not the same as saying that we all are “one”, that is something that only occurs at the metaphysical level when reintegration occurs in the “EVERYTHING”), all the information of what happens to us, what happens to the planet and what happened to it, is in that collective unconscious (also called planetary Akashic Records), but because our bodies are very limited in their functions, it’s beyond our reach in almost all cases.

Two options

We all are connected to each other, now we just need to take the evolutionary leap when it is our turn to wear a suit that allows us to perceive the information of our morphogenetic field and use it for the greater good of all or disassemble and work with the current suit that we wear (the physical body) to eliminate as much as possible the filter that prevents it, decrease its thickness, disassemble the automatisms that incorporates it and be as transparent as possible as a way of existing in this school.

I know people who have given the battle for loss and who simply wait for the next evolutionary level to show themselves as they are because they have no choice and because they perceive that humanity is not for the task of modifying this joint reality, and I also know people who for their remaining years of life try to implant the qualities and characteristics of the next evolutionary level. Both options are legitimate and depend only on our free will. In the end, everything is a matter of perspective and we will always have, even if we are blind for life, our lazarillo dogs (if we pay attention to them) to help us with love and dedication because it is part of the evolutionary design of this and other planetary systems that, in this third density, we perceive nothing of what lies ahead. And whether we like it or not, and annoy us or not, we have accepted the rules of the game even if we don’t remember them.