One of people’s most recurrent blockages in their energy system is fear. Fear this or that, fear what’s beyond. Fear what is going to happen, what has happened or what is happening. Fear what people say, fear of succeeding, fear of the paranormal, fear of death, fear of being alone or not being accepted, etc., etc. Huge clumps of blocked energy lodged in our emotional body, in our subconscious and throughout the physical body, vibrating in the frequency of fear.

These fears are the bricks, the main building blocks supporting all the negative energy in the world.

Everything is Provoked

Fear is not the natural state of mind of the human being. I have previously mentioned that this game in which we are immersed is extremely manipulated, and the rules of the game have been tampered with by those in the shadows, who are behind most of the problems going on now, at least at the energetic level. This “negative energy” has a “good time” projecting all kind of fears in the collective unconscious, so we are in tune with that vibration. T.V., the news, too many books, movies, even certain types of music: everything is design to generate, unconsciously, some kind of fear within us.

The moment that this very low vibration energy lingers and we start feeding it with our thoughts and feelings, the general level of vibration and energy plummets to the ground. As a matter of fact, the problem is that our energy level is so low that we don’t even realize this, because it just doesn’t seem to be that low.

Prophets of Chaos

We are all somehow contribute to fear the minute we give credit to something based on this energy. Is 2012 coming? Well, let it come. Apocalypse is announced? Let them trumpets sound. This does not have to be in our reality. That needs not to be the timeline where we live and exist. We can choose our own timeline and our own chain of future events. Break free from the frequency of fear, whatever the fears are, and let’s raise our energy level a little. In this way, we will help everyone around us to raise theirs, thanks to energetic influence and aura interaction among us.

Those of you who consider yourselves “workers of the light”, or people working to serve others no matter how, you have (we will have to) change the way we interact with the world if we want our work to generate results, increasing the well-being of all instead of crushing it. So long as we use Facebook to post that such and such event happened because of 2012, that our “spiritual guides” told us an earthquake is coming, or that things are going to get worse, etc., it creates nothing but that timeline for us, and if this is conveyed by public figures, they drag their followers with them into the same manifestation of a concrete reality.

Multiple choices

There are as many timelines of future events and parallel realities as there is people on earth. Every one of us generates his/her own chain of events, and when many agree on a concrete future, this future comes true in a new timeline on a global scale. The vibration of fear maintains the reality and current situation where we find ourselves, since millions of us are constantly maintaining that low frequency. Changing the world can only happen by changing the frequency of our individual vibrations, modifying our perspective of reality to that where we really want to live, and bringing together all those who have the same idea and vision like ours, then together as a group, or at the local, regional or country levels, coexist in a reality that doesn’t have anything to do with what’s happening in any other part of the planet. As much as it might be difficult to understand, infinite realities can coexist at the same time, and millions of possibilities open up before us with every thought, decision and action.

When something seems to scare you, simply tell yourself: I do not want this in my reality.