It is well known the potential of minerals, crystals and stones in therapeutic use to harmonize, balance energies, to meditate with them, to make elixirs or water from gems, etc. Gemotherapy is something that you certainly become addicted to because the beauty of many minerals and gems and the connection you get with them when you work regularly with your crystals, certainly goes beyond of the simple use as a “working tool”.

Stones, minerals, gemstones and crystals are conscious entities and whose vibration at the level of “group” unconscious move across the spectrum of the physical plane, the etheric plane and the mental plane. Let’s dissect a little where each of the energy components that compound a mineral falls.

The archetype of the mental plane

The three major macro-planes that define our existence are the physical and etheric plane (they are the lower and high part, respectively, of a single level), the astral substrate and the mental plane. All these planes are simply large energy divisions marked by a more or less base frequency associated with a color of the light spectrum which are subdivided into other sub-planes or regions that in turn are subdivided back into others. On what we call the mental plane, the region of concrete thoughts, the first sub-regions of the mental plane between sub-planes 3.1 to 3.4 (if we divide the third plane into 7 sub planes to make it easy, the first three ones are called the region of the concrete thought, the 3.4 is the region of equilibrium, the planes of 3.5 to 3.7 form the region of abstract thought), are the archetypes creators of the different species of all that exists on the physical level. Thus, in this region, there are the “pure ideas”, the “molds” of all species of the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom. The concept of “sapphire” or the concept of “tiger” or the concept of “roble” are born from this non-physical plane as an archetype which then falls and modifies its shape until it becomes “physical” on the densest plane where we then perceive it as a “living” object.

Thus, everything that moves on a physical level has its counterpart at the level of consciousness or group mind so that, each of the classes of minerals, flora and fauna has a morphogenetic field, a collective unconscious or a group mind in one of the subplanes that form The mental plane. We will focus now on the mineral realm. Plants and animals will have their turn on their moment.

Different vibration levels

Depending on the type of the gem, crystal or stone we are talking about, the group field or collective mind of that class is in a different sub-plane, hence we are talking about that there are minerals that vibrate very high and stones that are completely inert. For example, a simple river song, a common mountain stone, has a vibration in the lowest spectrum of the mental plane. The higher the vibration of a mineral the higher the level (on a frequency speaking way of talking) that occupies its collective consciousness, beginning to find the higher power minerals, crystals and gemstones that we use in gemotherapy in planes close to the causal plane, in part sub-level 3.6 and 3.7 in many cases).

Thus, some kind of crystals and minerals, especially precious stones or stones with a very high vibration, have a collective unconscious or morphogenetic field that is located in the highest layers of the mental plane where most fields are found like energy groups plants and some animals. Therefore, depending on the type of stone you work with, you´ll have an even higher vibration than the vibration of a human’s etheric body (the first subtle body around us).

Therapeutic applications

Since higher vibration energies can unlock, harmonize, or transmute lower vibration energies, when you work with stones that oscillate at levels of consciousness above the vibration level of human denser bodies, these can be a tremendous help in moving energies and healing things. Working with gems and crystals acts in many ways, sometimes fast, sometimes slowly requiring a stone to be carried around a lot of time to notice its effects or work with it daily for its energy to help you.

Different vibrations of different minerals are suitable for unlocking, healing or transmuting different types of “minor vibrations” into our subtle bodies (mainly etheric and emotional), that’s why it’s necessary to have a pretty well knowledge about stones in order to know how to use them and how to apply them properly knowing what stone or gem use in each case and on what exactly point of the body or of the aura place them. So, stones always talk to you and they always call you and offer you to work with you and intuitively you’ll know if you’re putting them in the right place or if you’re working with the right stone as long as you’re able to listen to “what they’re telling you.”, energetically speaking. Never buy any mineral that has not chosen you and that has not really caught your attention powerfully or that resonates with you, because it will not be the right coworker who resonates and vibrates with you properly.

On the contrary, if a stone calls you tremendously, do not hesitate to take it. As always, the best jam is not always in the big boat but stones that a priori look small or “insignificant”, can have an impressive potential, or in the other hand, those stones that are big or colorful, may not be suitable for you.

I personally have my small collection of stones and minerals, I use them to make elixirs, to harmonize, to meditate, to do self-healing energy and I notice more and more their potential and I like to use them a lot. I hope that my quartzes think the same about me.