A few days ago a reader of the blog sent me the following comment:

“I don’t know if you’ve ever written an article about time that’s getting faster and faster and that many people don’t realize, even the smartest. I understand that Earth is elevating its vibration, but is it going to be like this forever? In other words, will it ever return to normal? If you have any information about it, it would be good you to write an article on this subject. I remember very well those days that were quiet, long days, where there was more than enough time to do everything”.

I want to say that coincidentally coincided with an email from a friend sent to a mail group to which I belong, commenting that she had had a very tangible perception that time has accelerated even more in recent days.

Regarding the email, my perception of what happened and what I commented on with these friends was as follows:

“Regarding the acceleration of time, it is possible that the union with the temporal line of the solar system from which we were separated some years ago has been completed in order to give more time to humanity to “awaken”, making time in general slower for the planet than it should be, so that at least a few more people have been able to accelerate its growth, now we can no longer go in tow and we have to go at the same speed as the solar system, so, I imagine what you have noticed has been the complete union with the line of the Sun that touches us”.

Qu’o’s channelings

The first time I heard about a change on the speed of time on Earth was through Carla L. Rueckbert. For those of you who have read the books “The Law of One“, know she was the channeler along with Don Elkins and Jim McCarty. For 5 years they contacted a source who self-denominated “Ra” and who provided the material you can read on these books. Upon Don Elkins’ death, the contact with Ra ended, but another one began with a group of entities that took the name Qu’o of which Ra takes part. The reason for this mess is that the type of connection Ra used could only be maintained by the “energy environment” created by Carla, Don and Jim so missing Don, it became impossible to continue channeling the Ra group. Instead, Carla attempted to contact sources of “minor order” appropriate to the vibration she had individually, and along with Jim McCarty and a group of several people who met weekly to channel as Carla had learned to do, but without entering into a trance (like Jane Roberts with Seth used to do) they began to receive information from Qu’o. From 1985 to 2011 there are literally thousands of pages channeled by Carla with information that is really impressive (some sessions were very boring from my point of view, depends on everyone’s liking, you can read them all in the online file of LL Research that it’s in English, where I studied them in its day), 🙂 and in one of those sessions (actually over the years the subject appeared several times) Qu’o explains that, planet Earth has been placed in a time line parallel to the one of the solar system more “slow” so that, in recent decades, time has passed slower than it should to give humans more time to “wake up” and reach the vibrational level needed to be able to pass density.

If we had not done so, Qu’o said, practically no one at this time would have the sufficient level to move to the next evolutionary plane, so they put us in a “lateral time” (as they called it) allowing that by slowing the passage of time on the planet, many more thousands of human beings could reach the “minimum” level at this present time to be ready for this frequent and evolutionary leap.

In the last channellings of 2011, before Carla definitively stopped channelling due to health problems, Qu’o indicated that little by little the planet was going to be united with the timeline of the solar system, in order to recover the “normal” speed that we should have taken if things had gone better than they have gone. Especially since the end of last year 2012, the union from this “lateral time path” in which we have been annexing to the normal time path that carries our solar system, hence literally, time is “accelerating”.

Asking on my own

Since I’ve been doing regressions and taking my friends, all of them wandering, to periods between lives and getting in touch with their “guides”, I take advantage of every occasion I have to ask about all that I read, so a couple of weeks ago I had this conversation with one of those guides (you know I use the term in a VERY generic way):

David: Very good. Another question, in some channelings I read, they said that to give humanity more time, they had slowed the timeline of the Earth, like putting it on a kind of sideline so that the time was slower… is that correct?

Guide: Yes, correct, for three times

D: For three times? In our recent past?

G: Yes, in the last few centuries

D: Who does this job of putting Earth in and slowing it down temporarily?

G: Beings living in the center of the galaxy

D: Our guardians, custodians, etc.?

G: Yes

D: Is this slowdown over? Are we back in the normal timeline of the solar system?

G: Yes, but we’re still a little slowed down, taking our normal speed. I don’t know if you’ve noticed that there are people who already feel like an acceleration. Have you heard of that?

D: Yes, a lot

G: It’s because he’s already got at his normal pace

D: Go back to the rhythm that sets the sun, can it be possible?

G: Yes

So as you can see, those of you who notice that time is speeding up are not becoming paranoid and your perception is not erroneous. We are returning to a cruising speed from which we should never have left, and from which there is no turning back. It is a question of adapting to this new perception of the passage of time, because it is still mainly a psychological and energetic perception since our clocks are going to continue marking 24 hours a day, what happens is that it will give us the impression, and it will be completely true, that those 24 hours fly as never before had flown. If someone was counting on learning productivity techniques to do more in less time, maybe now we have to learn to do the same, in less time.