Robert Monroe is probably one of those who most spread the topic of astral travel to the general public and had investigated and tried to put order in everything that moves through those other planes. He left in his books many tips on how to “cope” with existence, for those people who feel already tired of so much bustle in this world that have no waste. Today I received an email with some of them, which i translate and present.

1. Always Remember that you are Much more than your physical body. This will give you an instant perspective of any activity or event that will happen to you in life. The agony becomes tolerable, the ecstasy grows deeper. Artificially induced fears evaporate.

2. Recognize and control your survival instinct. Use it, instead of letting it use you. Some ideas about it:

● Part of the formula “Physical Life = Good” It is necessary during our earthly sojourn. The other side “Physical Death = Bad”  you can discard it because you know it’s not.

● Remember that your ultimate goal is not physical survival. So, although it is valid that we do certain things and perform certain functions, we must not despair about it. Accidents can happen, highs and lows can come and go, but in the end, you can’t lose. Your goal, to have experiences and to learn from them in human form, this will always be fulfilled to 100%.

● The reproductive and sexual instinct is extremely powerful, the most powerful in directing and controlling part of our behavior. It is designed to keep the species alive, but it has been used to manipulate and control many aspects of humanity. Enjoy it, but there is no reason to live or die for it. Let yourself be seduced, succumb to it if you wish, but knowing what it is and for what.

● Material Things (food, money, possessions, etc.) are great for local use, while we are here. Owning them is only a temporary fact to ensure our survival instinct. Not only can you not, but also you will have no interest in having and taking anything when you leave life.

3. Keep your “visitor in transit” status. You’re here just because you chose it. This choice cannot be altered while we are incarnated, but you can pack and not return if you wish, without censorship, judgments or anything like that. Remember that there is a greater perspective of the things that are now forbidden to us. We’re here because this is where we want to be. Those addicted to the material life system on Earth may not understand it, but that’s their problem.

4. Enjoy the experience. Maximize the ups and downs, but do not become addicted to them. Get over the injustices of the system, the anger that it does not work, the apparent inequalities, the brutalities, the problems, the disappointments of the system in which we live. It is a world designed on purpose in this way, so that it is the most powerful learning machine that can exist in the galaxy.

5. Exercise your human mind to the fullest, knowing it is just an exercise. Create useful, beautiful things, solve problems, smell the flowers, enjoy the sunsets, compose music, write, explore the secrets of the universe, savor what comes to you by the five senses, enjoy the relationships, joy, sadness or any other emotion, and put everything in your suitcase because that is what you will really need when you come home.

6. Your human mind has a natural inclination to try to do things and solve what you think should be solved “here” as you do them “there”, in “house”. The story is full of thousands of examples, but in the end, the system imposed on the Earth always wins, because that is their function. You can alter part of it, but usually it always returns to recompose being smarter not to let itself be defeated again. That does not mean that we do not try to change what does not work, but we will never be able to change it altogether. If possible, the learning system would collapse and cease to exist. Still, who knows how long it’s really got?

All of the above points are known to many of those who “handle” the system and are easy to verify for each of us if we get to it. It’s again, a matter of perspective. Enjoy the experience.