Not only tolerance is one of the most important and appreciated qualities for getting along with each other, but it is also one of the main lessons in every evolutionary journey we must learn and overcome before we can say that we have completed our learning in this school of life on Earth.

Many Lives, Many Masters

That was the title of a book by Brian Weiss, which comes very well to explain why Tolerance is important as a characteristic for us. When we incarnate, many lives at once in different historical periods, we are having, or we have had incarnations of absolutely all colors. And It is not metaphorical, but we have incarnated as Europeans, Asians, Americans, Indians, Africans, etc. We have been male and female, had all the sexual orientations, we have had and lived in probably all religions and cultures, and we have been 50 times all that can be in this world at the level of personality. Not only that, but it is possible that right now, you’re being something of that in some other simultaneous incarnations, so it doesn’t make sense for you to have “problems” with any other race, culture or religion, because at some point or another, you’ve been or are being part of it.

Racism, Hatred, intolerance and other phobias

To begin with, a conflict between races, cultures or religions, just for the sake of “fighting” against what they “are” is the most absurd thing. You could be fighting against yourself, if you were one who joined the crusades to take down the enemies of your people, whatever they may be. Being racist is more a matter of lack of self-esteem and internal fear, which manifests externally in a projection against “another” or something that one has not solved inside. Hating someone because of their origin, race or religion is more of the same. Everything has its roots in in our interior, in unresolved problems, in something that still needs to be worked on and that in some way is being reflected in that other person or group with which we are intolerant. If we don’t like them, it’s because something inside resonates and that should be examined. One thing is that someone acts in some way and that causes us rejection, another one, is that by the fact of BEING as it is, it causes us that problem, rejection and so forth.

Tolerance is something we have come to learn, so we choose to be part of all kinds of social situations, cultures, races and ethnicities, because it will important when we reach other evolutionary levels to understand that without tolerance you can not appreciate the grandeur of all that exists, because the difference only represents POTENTIAL OF CHANGE, something that can even be beneficial to discover what else we can be, experience, learn or live.

Working intolerance

At a macro level, the lesson of tolerance is already being worked by our Higher Self with its multiple incarnations in multiple sites and places, at the micro level, of our own life, at this moment, intolerance is an internal problem, which must be examined. ¿Why does it cause us to reject such or such a thing? What does it awakens in us? I repeat again, it’s not about not accepting something that someone DOES, but not accepting someone for BEING as he is, which is different. It is the way not only to better understand the world and its diversity, but to heal an inner part of us that is being reflected in those feelings. Take a look in there, and let’s see what you can find.