Some time ago, I wrote about what it means to be part of a social memory complex on the next evolutionary level wich we call the fourthdensity, the new reality, the new matrix, etc. I was saying back then that: “It is called a social memory complex when a bunch of people, beings or entities form or create a single “mind” to which, consciously, all are connected. It is typical of all evolutionary levels above our own with a greater or lesser degree of integration into that single “global mind” or generic field of consciousness”.

As a matter of fact, if you have read the previous article of Conversations with the SUPRA-BEING, you may remember these answers:

DAVID: How do you choose where to incarnate, what parameters or experiences do you try to look for to choose where to project yourself?

BEING: I don’t choose it alone David, we chose it…

D: You all choose it?

B: Many beings work together, in the consciousness and the level where I belong David, we all choose and decide between us where to project

D: You have a semi-individuality, right? Or is your consciousness fully integrated into the consciousness of all beings who share that evolutionary level?

B: I have an individuality, but a tiny one…

D: So, everyone in your group shares a macro-awareness?

B: Yes, that’s right. And it seems that the higher the evolutionary level, the lower the individual and personal consciousness and the stronger the group consciousness or hierarchy to which one belongs.

From much to less

The evolution of the consciousness in this aspect is very curious because the formation of the group fields, minds or group souls of the evolutionary level that we assign to the mineral kingdom go through the creation of a completely group consciousness, where there is zero individual consciousness in the stones, rocks, gems and minerals that compose it. Gradually, as we advance through the vegetable and animal kingdoms, this individual consciousness grows, each time the soul becomes freer and more separated, and, flora and animals, in spite of being part of the same field or group mind, have certain self-knowledge of their individuality, which is greater or lesser depending evidently on the race and evolutionary level within those kingdoms, that is, the second density.

Then, the human being is created by other races, with totally individual consciousness, and the creation and birth of what we call a collective unconscious occurs, which amalgamates us on another level as a species, of which we are little or not at all conscious. And, it’s even more interesting because it only happens at this evolutionary level, is the fact of sharing at some level of our psyche a connection with a collective mind, we do not subtract one iota of individuality, being all separated, physically, mentally and energetically, from each other, with evolutionary paths, roadmaps, lessons and experiences to acquire that only depend on oneself and no one else.

From less to much

But something happens when this evolutionary cycle we are going through ends, a curious evolution, and that is that, from the higher levels, changes in that collective unconscious return to make it a single mind and more accessible to everyone in a conscious way. We have always talked about how the lessons the soul learns at a fourth density level have to do

with cooperation, service to others, mutual help, love, compassion and working together for the good of all, so it makes sense that, in order to do so, we have to share a unique psyche in a much more conscious way, as you will see later, where the individuality of each one prevails, but where one can perceive what is manifested in others, personally and collectively, because we will all be connected at much deeper levels.

Growing the social memory complex

Precisely one of the virtues of getting out of this level is that we will be much more transparent on an emotional, energetic, mental level, etc. We will all be able to see ourselves as we really are, we will be able to save a lot of “small talk” to meet the people with whom we have the pleasure of living in this “New Earth”.

When we cross over, we will be very aware of our individuality, but at the same time the group cohesion will be very strong. Obviously this kind of integration into the social memory complex is very different from the group consciousness that hominids or cats have, to say the least.

Visiting a very old incarnation

This subject aroused my interest because, several months ago, in one of the regressions that a friend and companion made me, I relived the first of all my incarnations on Earth, the initial one and the one that triggered all the ones that have followed since then, and what was my surprise to see me incarnate in a hominid, was in a “Manu”, Sumerian name for the first “models” of pre-homo sapien conscious beings that came out of the first Anunnaki genetic manipulations, long before the current human race had been created.

Such was the experience, impression and feeling of literally being conscious within a semi-hominid, semi-encumbered, connected and aware body of the rest of the specimens of my group/race, that it was a major change in my understanding of the incarnation processes, but of course it generated many other doubts. So, taking advantage of another session a few weeks ago with one of the guides who assist us, I asked him about the subject:

David: Well, another question. In one of the regressions I made myself a long time ago, I was incarnated as a hominin the very first time I entered this planet, when there were still no humans, I do not know if you can access into that information by reading me energetically….

Guide: Yes, wait, I’m trying to do so….

D: OK…

G: Okay, what’s your “hominid” david’s question?

D: (laughs) Ok, well, did the “pre-hominid” David enter when that body belonged to a group consciousness? Was there a “monkey spirit” in that vehicle?

G: Yes, I was

D: So I don’t understand how does an individual spirit, a projection of a BEING attaches to a physical body that already has a spirit that belongs to another BEING, even if it is a group being or group consciousness?

G: That’s true that there is a group consciousness, but it is also true that at the same time an individual self-awareness is operating in that hominin body, although it is minimal. And how do you or did you or did the beings that you entered already at that time? By coupling and readjusting the energetic parameters in order to be able to live with that “semi-hominid” consciousness and the group consciousness that operates in the species…

D: Okay… do you mean that what happens is that, somehow, the coupling of a consciousness of a SUPRA-BEING like me, or like mine, is allowed in a group consciousness operating through the individual mini-consciousness that had that being in which it becomes in? Without prejudice or harm to the group spirit of the race or group to which that body belonged?

G: Yes, accepting both simultaneously

D: I remember, or relieved that when the hominin died, I went to say goodbye to the animal “group spirit,” and Thanked him for allowing me to use that body

G: Yes, that’s why I’m telling you, there were the two consciences in the same vehicle, but self-awareness is much less than the group’s, and the fact that you were going to say goodbye, what you revived in regression, is because you wanted to just show your “respect” to that being that animates that group consciousness

D: Ah, I understand. I was really shocked by the fact that I was able to incarnate in something that I believed was already inhabited, that had a fully integrated spirit and dependent on another being, well.. I now understand why

G: Are both. Let’s say that when the individual, speaking of the hominid … (pause) … is just that is so wonderful really how this works, because even the human race today is also united consciously with each other although they are not aware of it and think that they do not work so, but think, even, that there are areas of your planet that still function similarly to how you lived

D: You mean they’re more connected to each other?

G: Yes, those you call tribes, or more “natives” groups, and please understand that this is no contempt on our part, have more group awareness at times than as an individual, and are governed more by that consciousness than by theirs, do you understand?

D: Yes

G: And functioning as a group has other connotations, it offers them special protection

D: At a psyche level? At the energetic level?

G: Yes at the level of consciousness, the same thing you felt when you said goodbye to the group spirit, that spirit makes the group cohesive, do you understand?

D: Yes, I understand.

G: Now, notice that as you move into fourth density,

you’re going back to that consciousness that’s more group oriented,

but in this case, you are redirecting yourself individually, unlike in the previous case, each person’s individual path will help create the group consciousness necessary to co-exist in your next evolutionary level

D: Yes…

G:And as we move into what we call the fourth density, you will work as a group, you will be conscious individuals, but within a group. When you go through you will be very conscious of your individuality and at the same time the group cohesion will be very strong

D: On another occasion that was explained to me, the name they gave it was the creation of a “social memory complex”… we are all connected together, I am aware of myself, but I perceive the rest of the consciences or people in the group

G: Exactly, but it is different that group consciousness, or social memory complex, which is the correct term, to what we are talking about now at this evolutionary level in which you are, or even the consciousness of what you experienced in your first incarnation, which is also different

D: But then, for those who transition in life, what we talk about is future events perceived in the ideal timeline, how do you fit into the 4D social memory complex if you come with a strong individuality of this 3D? A person who is already born in 4D has it very easy, because it is automatic, and it is easy to understand, but if you do the transition?

G: Yes, indeed if you are born or enter that level incarnating it is easy, but think that one cannot transition if you don’t have that predisposition to work in a group, to work with others, if you don’t “prepare the ground” for change before the change

D: Yes, it’s true, you’ve already explained that, what I said at the conference…

G: Of course, the changes are gradual, one begins to develop compassion, love, work with others, service to others, and that positions you on the path to the fourth density

D: Of course, it can’t be any other way…

G: That’s it David

So that kind of integration is where we are going, which is why different “spiritual” groups or hierarchies tell us that they are part of a group and have less and less individuality. In our evolutionary ladder the process of integration continues to increase in a future 5D and of course in a future and distant 6D and in steps or higher levels, but that is far away, now it is time to prepare the ground for change, positioning ourselves in that attitude of cooperation, service to others, mutual help, love and it’s time to prepare the ground for change, positioning us in that attitude of cooperation, service to others, mutual help, love and compassion.