Today I have found this interesting representation of the Milky Way, the travel map of our galaxy, if someone is interested in going around in a spaceship or in some astral projection. It has been published by Discovery News and I translate the article for you :—)

“Assuming we had a spaceship, how would we navigate our galaxy? For beginners, you would probably need a map, but there are billions of stars up there, how could you orient yourself on a map to find the fastest route from Earth to the exoplanet Gliese 777b for example (in the constellation of the Swan)?

Perhaps you could plot a direct route to your destination, but that might mean jumping from arm to arm through the galaxy, containing fewer stars (and probably fewer places to put gas), than if you followed the normal spiral route.

Following the style of the famous London subway maps, Samuel Arbesman, a researcher at the Harvard Medical School, has re-invented the Milky Way, simplified our cosmic home. Although the map is pure fun, it really provides an accurate view of the scale and location of the different nebulae, clusters and solar system in our galaxy.

So, how do we get to the constellation of the Swan? Make sure you buy an all day pass for take the Orion Line (red) to the Eagle constellation, then change to the Sagittarius line (blue) to Carina. But pay attention, we’ve heard that the Carina station is expecting some demolition work soon, so quickly switch to the Swan Express to avoid delays (and excessive amounts of radiation).”