Since I know the work of the Resonance project (from the physicist Nassim Haramein) I am hallucinated and enchanted with the amount of new information that keeps coming out regarding the new paradigms of astrophysics, and how subjects relate among them even if seem to us belonging only to spirituality, psychology or “new age” ideas. The journey through time “mentally” is something that many of us say we are able to do when we enter meditation. It is used in things such as past lives regressive therapy, it is used when accessing past or future events, directly or through the so-called “akashic records”, or when you mentally project yourself to a point in the future and are able to obtain information about what is happening in that timeline (hence, there are as many futures as probabilities that something happens).

All of this is fantastic, and so far, at least personally, I simply do it and do not wonder if it does exist a mathematical or physical model that can explain this backward or forward access (in this dimension that we live, through space-time).

Each event leaves a mark

We all know that all is energy, and thus everything that happens, every situation, every thought, leaves an energetic mark in the moment and place in which it was made. Meaning, if today Wednesday I wake up at 9:00h and I have a coffee, this event stays energetically marked in the position and in time (date and place) in which it took place. But given that we measure time in relation to our position regarding the sun and its position in the galaxy, what we are doing is marking some coordinates and position in space of when this event has happened (meaning, when I was having the coffee, the Earth was in a specific moment of its orbit regarding the sun, in a concrete spot of outer space, marked by some space-time coordinates that gives us the exact time and position when this occurred). Since energy does not get destroyed at any moment (it just transforms), this energetic mark has been recorded and archived, in this space-time position.

The actual dynamic model of the Solar System

We all know that the earth orbits around the sun, that it takes 365 days to complete a turn around our star and that is what we call a year. Now well, our actual model tells us that Earth goes “back” to its position in space every 365 days, having completed a turn, in a way that we go back through the same space-time coordinates year after year.

What this would generate, is that everytime we pass that same spot, the generated events in that moment, would be piling up and overlapping ones on top of the others (energetic layers, to say so) and when we would want to mentally access this event, we would probably find ourselves with a bunch of energetic marks of all that has happened throughout all human history every time the Earth has been in the same spot of its orbit around the sun, and it does not make much sense.

The new model, tridimensional orbit and the movement of the sun

The work of scientists such as Nassim Haramein, what comes to explain to us is that the sun also moves (well, I already knew this, and it is well documented) at about 200 km per second in an orbit around the center of our galaxy. The novelty is that the orbit of the Earth around the sun is not “flat” in the sense that we have been taught in school, instead it is elliptic, like a cone. This way, every instant that we live has a unique “geographical” position in space, never repeated, so when we complete one whole turn, and a year has passed, we are billions of km away from when we were at that same day last year.

We can then understand that each energetic mark of everything happened, has its own non-shared coordinates with absolutely nothing else (a place in Earth, a date, and a different spot in space).

Traveling through time

Should this were a way to understand much better the process of space-time recording of events, this way it is much easier to “explain” the concept of “mentally” travelling through time. The access through the mind, of meditation or astral projection (if going out of the body) to another point of time, it would not be other thing than, mathematically speaking, finding the concrete and specific coordinates of that fact/event and accessing to read the energetic mark that was left by what we are looking to “live” again. The access to future coordinates is somewhat more difficult to explain, but we can say that it is as if we accessed the spiral line of earth (its spatial position, for each one of us) of the event that has the strongest possibility to happen according to the events already passed. In any case, this new model explains, and adds some more interesting information to my actual comprehension of this theory, how these past events can be accessed without finding a fuss of energetic marks of all that has happened at the same time every time that the earth was in the same spot in space, in the solar system, having completed one turn of a year.