When I give the Akashic healing courses, I explain that this technique serves us to self-heal our energy and to heal others too. And that’s really what most people look for when they come to the trainings, as they need tools that enable them to manage situations, blocks, learnings and lessons found in his life which may not be focused or analyzed from a conventional point of view. As we move through the course, and I begin to explain a little the theoretical and metaphysical basis underlying the readings of records and energy healing, where does the information comes from, why are blocks produced, the current situation of the world where we are, and how it affects us, etc., we start to realize that the issue is much bigger from what seemed at first and that we are involved in a macro change that seems to involve the entire planet (at a physical and non-physical level), and that our concern for healing us, for finding answers, learning new tools for personal and spiritual growth is nothing but a reflection of all that energy movement and paradigm shift that we are living with more or less intensity according to each case.

The purpose of this moment in which we live

Sometimes, when I mull over the reason why all this is so scrambled, why so many people are interested, “waking up” and training in all kinds of therapies, techniques, knowledge and “alternative” tools (let it name like this in the absence of another name), all the coming answers are similar: it’s about collaborating on the global change through personal change. Well, what a discovery, isn’t it?

I am fond of doing drawings, diagrams and “mind maps” as I usually find it easier to organize my perception of things when I have them sorted by concepts and structures where I may have a global view of the Tetris of the current situation. And, to me, I do not know if to you as well, it seems the thing at the moment looks like this:


Symptoms of change:

Collapse of the current system: economic,

social, cultural, educational, etc.

Cleaning and Healing forced to the individual.

Dismantling of the system of beliefs,

filters and veils.

Energy cleaning of the planet through natural processes


Reinforcement and participation

in the change:

Intense personal work

Cleaning and individual healing

at an emotional, mental,

energetic, and physical level

Anchoring and Conscious


of the New Paradigm:

STO Behavior in a STS World

The Current Situation

Currently, the planet is involved in crisis of all kinds, which are everywhere. Crisis of values, economic crisis, social crisis, popular riots, natural disasters are in crescendo, etc. There is a paradigm of service to self (STS), with energies that we call mainly negative who have been dominating the planet for many years in which the seven billion people that we incarnate on it move in a paradigm of control, manipulation and concealment of objective reality, that lies beneath the purpose of our existence and what is assumed that we have to learn in this school. The system of control, the “Matrix”, have to make adjustments and movements increasingly stronger to keep the domain on the people and on the planet, and those who manage it, have to apply more strength so that the current paradigm based on the fear, concern, restriction of liberties, helplessness and other energies that currently dominate the globe does not collapse.

But this increasingly is held less, so increasingly they have to run more actions to keep the population in that submissive state and reminding us that we need “those powers that control us” for “our safety” (bomb in a popular Marathon, False flag attack?). The problem is that they cannot hide the reality any longer, they cannot hide what is happening and they cannot dominate or silence many people who are already beginning to remove veils and filters and see things a tad less as the media tell it, and a little more as a situation where a few want the power over the rest (with the help of those, outside our planet, who by their own interests need to maintain the control system and the 3D STS paradigm as much as possible).

The New Situation

But fortunately the planet is heading towards a change. A change that will take place whatever happens because it is part of the evolutionary path of the planet, being an independent and self-aware entity , our noosphere, Gaia, Kumar or planetary spirit, has its own personal growth plans and drags us all with her. This new situation is a change of frequency or vibration where the chosen polarity is radically opposite to the current, the polarity of the service to others, the “positive” polarity. It is a new paradigm where once established, the norm will be energy transparency and the perception of the objective reality by all, the inability to hide anything from anyone: events, emotions or thoughts, the cooperation as form of coexistence, the connection with the environment and the planet, etc. There is where we are heading to because it is the next evolutionary stage of the ship Earth where we are sailing. The change began decades ago, very subtly and slowly, almost imperceptible but at a steady pace.

The process of transition STS – STO

But we are not in that idyllic world 3D 15.6Hz STO yet, in fact, it seems that we are far from being there. I personally don’t think I will see it in this incarnation (although you never know), but what I know is that if I incarnated in this epoch, it is because I wanted to collaborate from within in the transition process (like millions of you too). So we really did not intend to come on vacation to the new world, but to come with the batteries, the hammer and the mace to work so that this new world could be implemented as easy as possible.

To understand that we have to work together in this paradigm shift watching our navel and working to exhaustion in ourselves, is what seems harder to assimilate, because it is easier to think that this change can be done externally, that others will do it through different forces that don’t have to much to do with us and that will leave the planet clean and shiny on a physical and energy level.

As a matter of fact, it is partially correct. There are forces that will leave the planet cleaner than ever, because they are forces that work for the sake of it and its evolutionary path, which implies that these forces will act upon us we like it or not, because we’re inside the luggage. The vibrational change occurs because the planet, together with the solar system, in his tour through the arm of the Galaxy where we are, is entering (we have been entering for decades in fact) in energy fields of another level of frequency, so everything that surrounds us externally is another type of energy that is incompatible with the vibrational level Earth has at this moment which leads to an increase of the base frequency of the planet no matter what.

These external energies are the cause, when they crash into the low-level stagnant energies, of the ruthless storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, the tunnels that open everywhere, volcanoes, etc. It is nothing less than the transmutation of energy load STS to liberate the planet from clusters of fear, anger, violence and other energies that we have generated in the collective unconscious and under the cortex of the planet for millennia. Add to this that we are still receiving meteorites, fireballs and chunks of space bodies (the day of the bomb in Boston, there was a super fireball about Toledo in Spain, quite spectacular) and we have all the ingredients to notice that the cosmos is “helping” the Earth to shake everything which no longer serves. Authorities who manage the threads of the planet, do not have any control over all these phenomena, so they try to hide, manipulate, and disguise it through a thousand things so people cling to this fictitious power for their own safety.

Participate in change

And while Kumar receives his own power shower and shakes in a more or less controlled manner all the cargo he does not need, those who go on the ship will have to do the same because In order to exist in this new paradigm and STO system, we have to stop living and existing in the old STS system. But let’s keep in mind that we are not there yet, we are still in the transition process, we are sweeping and cleaning so that those who are arriving, can enjoy a nice and clean place. And to avoid suffering changes in the system in a forced way, we have to actively participate in this transition, because we are all going to go through that, let’s not fool ourselves.

To collaborate in this transition we must look at the navel. Sooner or later, all the physical systems on which we depend, as well as the barriers that prevent us from dealing with our things, will collapse in front of our noses, all the beliefs, veils and filters that we had and that would not allow us to see reality.

I do not think there is another more effective way of collaborating in this change than to be concerned about working in our personal and spiritual growth, regardless of what the neighbor’s to the side does. I believe that we must take care physically of ourselves at a nutritional level to stop being guinea pigs and manipulated beings because we eat what is of the interest of the large companies that are part of the control system. I think we need to take care of ourselves emotionally and spiritually because all diseases, pains, problems and ailments have always an energy cause which does not interest the large pharmaceutical companies nor the health system of the globe and I think we have to look after ourselves at the mental level because there is nothing easier than controlling someone who sees the world through what the media control system transmits.

Anchoring the new “world”

Whatever this transition takes (which depends basically on those who are inside and the effort of energy transmutation that each of us does), we will be increasingly incompatible with a higher frequency level environment, so we will not have more choice but to adjust to it by releasing emotional and energetic load, completing our lessons, overcoming our fears, transmuting stagnant energies possibly accumulated from many lives back. And then there is no other choice but to stop seeing the “old world” as a reference and find a way (which I do not think it’ll be so simple) to integrate and anchor on the physical level a system based on the service to others and its premises (free will, objectivity, cooperation, energy balance, etc.,) as a basis of our reality.

I suppose from some point of view, we live in the most interesting times that a soul may experimentally want to live, the transition from one evolutionary level to another, from the STS to the STO. We’ve come a little before the STO show starts and we’re behind the scenes working on setting up the stage, cleaning up the theatre and dismantling the set from the previous STS show so that the new audience will soon arrive and enjoy a much more interesting and fascinating performance, all thanks to each of us working hard on ourselves during the transition.