Reading two people, connecting with two Higher Selves simultaneously to find common information and the existing blockages or problems between the two people involved, is one of the things that most fascinates me lately; especially because of what one learns about how relationships between people work, not only those of a couple, but between family members, work colleagues, business associates, friends, etc. And if the idea that we are connected on many more levels than we thought already had some validity, today, we have more than evidence that this is a reality.

Personally, the most interesting thing is to know that there are pre-determined lessons and teachings that one contributes to the other, no matter how long or fleeting the relationship is. I haven’t seen any relationship that has begun or ended by chance. At a physical level, there can be a range of reasons to start or finish them, but at the level of “soul”, or at the level of the Higher Self, they are all agreements. Pure and concrete agreements to do something together, to contribute something to other, to advance on a path where it is easier to be two than one, or simply to learn something based on what the other person is an expert in teaching, and which we need to understand. Then, of course, there are the feelings we have for a person, which are nothing but the reflection of the energy, the “affection” and the affinity that may exist between those two Higher Selves, souls and personalities working together.

Good part, bad part

Since most of the readings of relationships that I do are of couples, they tend to help them to get to know each other better and to unblock any problem that may be existing between both components. The funny thing is that these problems often do not represent the beginning of a rupture because what was agreed upon has been finalized (which is usually the concern with which they come for the reading), but because it is another of the events by which one, or both, of the members is tested to obtain a certain type of experience. I always check the % of positive experiences and the % of negative experiences that make up these agreements, because in some way, it is also “pre-fixed” whether the learning of both incarnations will tend to go more down the path of negative situations or of positive situations according to their decissions and free will.

It must be said that in most cases, the situation is always balanced more or less to 50%, or the like. This means that the challenges presented to them in life, common to both people, will be fairly well balanced in that half will be positive and rewarding events, and half will be situations that will test them and make them grow, overcoming obstacles (they do not have to be about the relationship specifically, but things that can happen to one of its members that affects both and they therefore must assist each other).

Combined history

The majority of souls that enter into a relationship with each other have had a common history that can be traced back many lives, although this is not always the case. Souls that have shared several lives will have a feeling of familiarity and comfort with each other and sometimes it may seem that you know a friend much better than your own partner. We may have had from one life up to hundreds of them with our current partner, which indicates that the concept of our “other half” does not really “exist” throughout evolutionary history, although there are souls that will work together in many incarnations in various roles. Those who play the role of our wife, boyfriend, father or brother, have previously been able to have had the role of best friend, distant uncle, lover, husband, cousin, etc. These souls will always be present in our life, but it does not have to be this same “soul” with which we always have had our main relationship.

Clean relationships, or situations that still need to be resolved

Although the concept of karma is not entirely correct in this case, it is possible to say that we can bring forward pending debts with these souls from other incarnations, and that is why we enter into a relationship with them again, to resolve those debts. But debts do not mean having done something that should now be “paid” for. It means not having learned a lesson that was scheduled, not having fulfilled one of the pre-set agreements, or not having wanted to help some other soul as we had promised. That is part of the “game” and free will; if our role in this life and relationship is to be the point of support for our partner, and what we do is to flee and look away every time they come to ask for help, obviously both Higher Selves will decide to have them reincarnate together again to try, this time, to complete the learning that they had proposed with that same lesson. Therefore, knowing what we have a pre-agreement with the person with whom we are currently with makes things easier for us, because it makes us understand why so many situations that we live with keep reoccurring.

Most common blockages in a couple

In one of the last entries on energetic hooks between people we talked about this. Most problems (at non-physical levels, so to speak) in relationships are the projections of fears, concerns, feelings and moods of one member to the other, converted into hooks and transformed into negative thoughts in the person who receives them and who begins to execute them as if they were their own. Personally, I think they are almost inevitable, but not for this reason this should we not be aware of what is happening. Because further on, these energy exchanges and others are transformed into real situations of anger, misunderstanding, lack of communication, problems of all kinds – this is something else – and from there problems that manifest themselves in our reality may arise, as may the faults that we attribute to the other person; that he or she is like this or that. Part of this may be the truth, but on the other side, there is always something from other levels that is trying to set the pace of what we do, because a great part of our personal and spiritual evolution depends on it, and often we don’t realize it.

Take a look at how you perceive your role in your relationship. The situations that reoccur most among yourselves are probably the type of situation in which you are working together, without prejudice towards the individual lessons of each one. If you are always involved in the same kind of part/role with your partner, that is probably what you have come to teach, and vice versa. No one better is than who we have at our side to be our best spiritual teacher, right?