I have recently experienced a couple of situations I find it interesting enough to comment as regards to how our guides, or our Higher Self, send us messages when we are unable to figure out things on our own, or do not pay attention to their advice or warnings. Although this is not always the case, many times the “universe” (as a generic concept) is forced to intervene in our physical reality to make us notice something that we are missing.

These “interventions” always come from the hand of recurring things, which seem to happen to us always in the same way and more and more often. It is clear they are recurrent because we do not know how to interpret them the first time, and their frequency of occurrence increases the more we ignore the problem.

Water everywhere and feet on the ground

My first example has to do with water. Recently, at home, the water was constantly falling: a glass we picked up to drink, the jug in the refrigerator that broke, the sink pipe that came loose. Nothing particularly serious but, since it happened several times, I decided to think about whether the events were related. Water, what does water represent? With a little knowledge on Feng Shui and what the elements represent, I realized that it was something related to feelings. The water was falling, spilling… how were my feelings at that time? Restrained? Spilled? What was the message? Everyone must be able to interpret how the situation fits their reality and, indeed, all these small incidents related to water disappeared when I shed light on the “spiritual” cause that was triggering them.

The second example has to do with my motorcycle. As you know, they all have two footrests to be able to drive comfortably. A few days ago, the footrest at the changing gear side disappeared. Let’s say I rather found the coupling broken as if someone had hit it with a hammer and split it into two. It’s somewhat absurd as it was not stolen, just broken, and it was neither due to the motorbike falling on one side. But that’s the least important. When I got on it and tried to go home, I thought, what does missing a footrest mean? What am I compelled to by not having it? The answer came quite fast. I was forced to put one foot on the ground as there was no place to rest it.

Put your feet on the ground. That told me something since I had been very, very involved with a new project and my delusions of grandeur were straight away in the ninth dimension. The moment I realized I had to calm down and be more realistic, the solution to the bike problem appeared right away. I took the passenger footrest and put it in the front side, so I could easily drive without having my foot hanging or dragging.

Understanding the messages

Perhaps, if I had paid attention to the possibility of more sublime messages, I would not have experienced such situations in my real life but what is important is to realize that, whenever something happens somewhat out of the ordinary or in a repetitive way, there may be a warning behind. Analysing and understanding it is of vital importance to solve it and, above all, figuring out that the universe is always helping us, even if we find it hard to see it.