We hereby start a series of several entries dedicated to explore some of the Universal Laws by which we are all influenced for the simple fact of living in this planet. Probably, the Law of Attraction is the only “law” that we know in some detail thanks to everything that has been published about it, but according to some esoteric teachings, not more and not less than 48 spiritual laws govern our reality on Earth.

We are going to talk about some of them, all complementary, and all derived and related among them, starting with the Law of Conscious Creation.

Law of Conscious Creation

“About the subject that I emit conscious thoughts, is what I begin to attract towards me. About the subject to which I put emotions supplementing my thoughts, is what comes quicker towards me “.

I can imagine that you realize that this law and the Law of Attraction are usually put in the same basket, being the latter the method or process by which what we think about becomes real, but from the “universe” point of view, both laws are two things slightly different.

To Observe vs to Create

The Law of Attraction is like a boomerang, our thoughts create our reality by projecting it through the pineal gland, and what we emit out there, consciously or not, shapes what we attract towards us. The Law of Conscious Creation is the law that governs the emission of a frequency or vibration with our thoughts in a conscious manner, specifying what we want to become real.

Obviously, when we apply the Law of Attraction and its method we are applying this Law as well, since we are aware of what we are doing to make it become real. In our lives, when we let ourselves to be carried along by the creations of the collective unconscious, the agreed reality by all of us, and the reality created by our subconscious, this Law is inactive, and only the Law of Attraction is operating in our reality.

When we do not apply the Conscious Creation, we are simply observers of the world, not creators of it, at least in the sense of “being conscious” about it, since the Law of Attraction can work in our favor or against us, depending on how we feel, what kind of thoughts we have, what kind of emotions we launch to the exterior and we feel, but it is always operative, by the simple fact that we are always thinking and projecting.

Integrating the Law of Conscious Creation is using only the positive part of the Law of Attraction, deciding in advance what kind of thought, vibration and emotion we are going to “launch”, deliberately, to attract towards us that thing that what we want, not that thing created in our reality for us by the set of ideas and emotions from the rest of the people.