This is the second entry in our “Universal Laws” series. Here you can read the first post about the Law of Conscious Creation.

The Law of Acceptance is the principle of no action, no resistance, no judgment.

This law tells us that what you resist, persists, and helps us to bring freedom to our life, to be what we want to be, to be with who we want to be, or to live as we want to live. The way to use this law in a practical way is, first, to allow others to be as they are, and, second, to allow life, the “universe”, to send us everything we want to receive. A very normal blockage at the unconscious level of this law, which causes us to be and have less than we could be or have is the idea, implanted in many people, that I do not deserve this”.

Let others be like they are

“I am what I am. While I am the way I am, I totally allow others to be like they are “

There are not two people on the planet identical, and there is no way to change anyone, no matter how hard we try. If we do not accept that everyone has a world, a reality, a way of seeing things, of being, of behaving, of loving, of living, etc., differently, first, we will be wasting time and spending energy to change someone that can not be changed and molded at will (for example, our children or partner) and, second, with our behavior we are making others not letting us be as we are, live as we want or to behave as we behave.

Only if you can accept, not just tolerate, as the rest of the people are around you, you have understood the Law of Acceptance. Not doing so is what causes the great majority of suffering in our relationships with others, because we always have that “ideal” image of those we care, and we try to make them look as similar as possible to it. Also, if you truly believe that those who do not think or act in a certain way, “your way”, are “wrong”, then you are judging people.

Judging others

Judging others is a low frequency emotion, and, as the Law of Attraction explains, the more you vibrate with that emotion the more you will attract to yourself those circumstances, people or events that allow you to continue perpetuating that judgment towards everything that you think is not according to your way of seeing the world.

If you need to always act according to your criteria, you will never be happy and you will not experience the total freedom that comes from accepting the world as it is, and feel that the world accepts us accordingly without judging us. Basically, this is how discussions, fights, battles and wars begin.

Always works

The Law of Acceptance is a universal law. It is eternal, it works always and everywhere. It is an absolute law, you believe in it, put it into practice or not, and it has a great influence on our lives, even if we do not want to accept it.

When we surrender to total acceptance, the “universe”, its energies and creative hierarchies, do not find any limitation to get us everything we can have, we allow everyone to be as they are and we work with total freedom, without burdens or projections from others limiting us or putting heavy expectations on our backs waiting for you to be as they want us to be.