This is the third entry of the Universal Laws series. Here you can see the first entry on the Law of Conscious Creation and the Law of Acceptance.

The Abundance Law

We continue with our descriptive series of the Universal Laws, and today we are going to explain the Abundance Law. This law tells us “The universe is infinite. Everything that you want has the potential to be created from your own mental projection”.

The universe, the reality, the framework of Creation, everything is pure energy. The Earth is energy. We are energy. Our life and everything it contains is energy, and this energy is endless, unlimited and always available. This energy can be transformed into absolutely everything that we want, since it is nothing else than a pile of playdough from which we can take a piece and mould it with the shape that we want to have, and on top of that, keep it for our own enjoyment. We live in an abundance universe and an abundance world, although most of us have learnt that we live in a scarcity world, where there is not enough, and where effectively, in the created realities there is not enough of anything, not to say that there is a shortage of everything.

The Law of Attraction tells us that the vibration that we emit is what attracts toward us those things and situations surrounding us, which vibrate with our frequency. The Law of Conscious Creation tells us that if we learn how to emit certain type of vibrations, we will attract exactly what we want, and the Abundance Law confirms that there are no limits to that thing that we want to become true.

Self-imposed limitations

From a physical, energetic point of view, there is no limitation in the source of energy that exists in everything and in all, and that we can use to shape our life at our whim. Knowing and doing it is another matter, since society imposes very strong beliefs and limitations about how much we can get, how much we can desire, or how much we deserve. We all have energy blocks, have feelings of guilt, preconceived ideas, fears that prevent us, consciously or unconsciously, from realizing the potential that exists out there, or strictly speaking, inside us, to play and mould that energy in accordance with our dreams.

Eliminating those limiting beliefs it is not a day’s work, because they are well placed and programmed in us, but that does not mean that the universe is not an infinite and endless resource, which is always at our disposal.

Competing to have more

We are so focused in the idea of ​​scarcity, that we always compete for anything to get things before others “end them” or “we run out of our pie’s piece”. The competition between people is the reflection of the mentality that “there is not enough” for everyone. Imagine if we could all be, do and get absolutely everything that we want. In what healthy mind would come up the idea of ​​fighting or arguing for something if everyone could get everything wanted? However, since the human mentality and the collective mind have created a common reality for all, in which the rule is to think that there is never enough, we will always be competing, in a certain way, in order not to be the one who is left without his part. If we changed the way we see the world, there would always be enough. If something physical “runs out”, another equivalent thing would be immediately created and the cycle would be infinite. If it is something non-physical, it does not even make sense to consider that we are going to stay out of the cast. What do we want? More power? More love? More riches? More charisma? More friendship? More control? Of all that is in the “Universe”, vibrating in the pool of energy in potential state, everything that we want and more. It is only a matter of knowing how to materialize it.

When do we have enough?

One of the problems of our conditioning is that we never have enough, or that we believe that we are not sufficiently “something” (sufficiently good, sufficiently brave, sufficiently free, sufficiently independent, etc.). The truth is that we are more than sufficient for anything. At this very moment, we are perfect, complete and entire just as we are. The issue of wanting more is the consequence of our being always growing and expanding itself, which brings the feeling that we must reach more and have more to be completed. However, when we reach that new level in which we get what we wanted yesterday, we are growing again, trying to reach another level, and we again want more. Because we continue evolving and looking for new experiences, on a spiritual level, and that transforms into the idea that we must get and want more. The problem is that if we are always with the mental feeling that “it is not enough”, when will we finally be able to feel that we have all that we want? When will it be enough? When will we be satisfied? The answer is that we will never be.

If we always look outside, to the circumstances and events, hoping that they will become into something that provides us with “more”, we will never be in state of acceptance of what we are now, in the present, appreciating what we already have. If we continue looking outside, chasing things that makes us feel full, we will never be satisfied, because outside there is always more to get, more to obtain and more to accumulate.

When you live based on the feeling that what you have now is perfect, that you have what you need right now, life is lived through great peace. It is not about conforming, but accepting that now, at this moment, we are complete beings in evolution and that while we evolve we will get whatever is necessary.

To appreciate what one has in this moment provides the peace and joy of knowing that many more things can be created; that feeling will bring the confidence that it is not necessary to compete in order to obtain what one wants, to feel happy, and that vibration of happiness will attract to our reality situations and things that continue to perpetuate it.

The most impressive creations occur when our inner state is the one that vibrates with the satisfaction of knowing that everything is perfect at this moment and that thus we are in peace with ourselves. Perfect love, perfect work, the ideal social environment or material resources, everything can be created from the feeling that things are right as they are, and that the potential to change them remains all inside us, and never outside.

Count your blessings, what you have, and you will realize that your life is much better than you thought, and, of course, it continues evolving and growing, but always knowing that the potential to get everything you want is all inside you, and that you only need to activate it in order to enjoy the universe’s abundance.