In the previous entry I spoke to you about the influence of “cosmic” energies, external to the planet, coming from both the solar system and from any point in the galaxy. It does not escape anyone that the study of these influences is what we know as astrology, whether it is currently a better or worse used science (for what are we going to talk about the horoscopes and Sunday predictions), but with a completely relevant and very important base.

The power of astrology lies in studying and understanding those energies that move in our solar system and whose energetic gales when arriving to our planet and being picked up and transmuted by the organic life of it produce certain changes at the energy level, which finally end manifesting at the physical level.

Levels of knowledge

In certain levels of power, in the circles that are behind the control system in which we live, it is clear how this works. There are more propitious moments to generate a certain event, there are more propitious places for it, there are periods that are energetically favorable to put this or that situation in motion, introduce such or such changes, or take advantage to generate such or such a conflict. Understanding the external influence exerted on us by the components of the solar system is within reach of all those who want to devote themselves to seriously study astrology, but even if you have the power to manipulate according to what things, according these energies, it is clear that you will know how to take advantage of it. Let no one be surprised that things happen when they happen through a reason, and is that those who have wanted that to pass understand when they have to set the trigger for it. Then it is like a snowball, the same global energies propitiated by those artificial triggers take force, and manifest the situation or event sought. Do not doubt for a moment that crises, wars, conflicts, or even disasters of all kinds, when they are created artificially, are more than calculated so that the “winds are favorable” to their development. And the rest, let us be satisfied with the weekly prediction of our sign in the Sunday newspaper.