Using tarot too much


As always, my Higher Self knows how to make me receive the messages I need to hear in the most unexpected ways. I had a little discussion with them (those I call my spiritual guides) by my frustration for not being able to get clear information about my professional future. As a result, I have been using the Tarot a lot asking always the same questions and not always getting the expected answers. That ended up by getting me angry a little too much.

I have come across through several blogs and links to Erin Pavlina’s website, a medium that does readings by connecting with the Higher Self of the people who ask for it. Erin has a blog and today I’ve spent the whole day reading it. In one of her articles she talks about the people who use Tarot to connect with higher levels of reality and beings and do readings. The message for me was: “Tarot limits you, leave it and try to improve your direct connection with your Higher Self, you will receive more and better information.”

It was the answer to my complaints over the past few days. It could not be clearer.

What I liked most about Erin’s blog is that the method she uses to do her readings is very similar to mine (I don’t do readings, but I do the same ritual when I want to connect with my Higher Self or guides). It’s about increasing our frequency by visualizing that you go upstairs to the upper planes. I always go upstairs to meet at the entrance of the plane where my Higher Self “resides” (it’s a mental projection) with “the Guardian”, a sort of energetic protection who is present whenever I do some “uprising” towards higher planes of consciousness.

So, in my mind’s eye, it’s a character who always greets me, is affable and nice, an elderly person in my imagination. The Guardian always allows me to pass in (actually he doesn’t prevent it, he’s there and welcomes me every time I go) and from there I go straight to my Higher Self’s “house”, a sort of mental scenario which I imagine as a rustic and cozy house, which is in a way a place where I feel comfortable and welcomed.

I’m going to try to exercise more the muscles of my asleep psychic abilities to improve the connection with my guides even more. And it’s likely that I already will stop using Tarot so much. Let’s see how I evolve in this.

Translated from David Topi´s spanish version by Katia Moral. Follow her work via Facebook and Instagram.

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