I have been learning some techniques about moving energy and a few ways to work with it, in order to keep them active within our own subtle structure. For this reason, I thought it would be interesting to share a little exercise I’ve learned these days from the courses I’m taking (receiving) on ​​astral projection, since these two topics are related .

Working with Bioenergy

Bioenergy is the energy that our body irradiates through the structure of layers and bodies that form us and from the chakras, and it is externalized forming what we call holochakra (the sum of energies from all chakras), or electromagnetic field so called also the aura layers, as there’s quite a few different names. Anyone who works or heals with any kind of energy therapies employs this technique or similar to repair, harmonize, unblock, cure, restore, energy at all levels, which is something that will always report an improvement in the physical, emotional, or mental realms in any area of ​​our life.

Working with bioenergy on ourselves is very beneficial and many people can heal themselves, or achieve similar results, unblocking chakras through visualization and meditation. The exercise that I will now explain is called Vibrational State, and it’s about attempting to put that internal energy to do just that, to vibrate, to be released, so that it can move unchecked throughout our body.

Accumulating energy

To do this, we have to close our eyes and relax, focusing on the etheric body, on the energy enveloping the physical body which we feel as if “touching” our skin. You’ll notice that little tingling feeling from head to toe; and if shifting focus to one hand, we may notice a warm sensation produced by our subtle body’s energy.

Then, only by willpower, we will move as much energy as we can gather raising it to the head and above, at the crown chakra. Gather energy and bring it up from the feet, through legs, trunk, arms, etc., and imagine, command it to accumulate in the head. Once we notice that we have collected part of our energy in the head, we’ll move it down, passing through the whole body, until it gets to the feet. Now we keep it there, in the feet, and once we’ve done that, send it back up, going through the body all over again, and feeling how it goes up.

Setting the vibrational state

How to make our energy vibrate? What we will do next is to increase the speed and intensity of the movement described above, raising and lowering energy from head to toe. It’s all a matter of willpower. When we repeat this energy movement faster, with each pass we will be sweeping any blockages that may be present in any part of our body, like an energy “broom” if you will. As we increase the speed, we will notice that we start to “vibrate”, this vibration is our etheric body in a sort of resonance. Let these vibrations carry on to unclog energy blockages. We can let this effect to work for a few minutes and then slow it down until it stops altogether and we return to our normal state

Blockages and repetition

This exercise that I just described seems easy, but it has a trick: achieving a vibrational state that is powerful enough and capable to break through stagnant energy structures requires a lot of practice. It will also be common, when trying to raise and lower energy through the body, to find blockages in several chakras, emotional structures, organs, meridians, etc. To break through these blockages, you’ll need the will to “push” the energy up and down, so that it can pass through the affected path and unblock it. Personally, in my first attempts, when I got to the third chakra the energy “jumped” or “went around”, so I had to “force” it through the middle to break and unblock what was stuck there.

The feeling after doing 5-10 vibrational states a day (no kidding) will be such that the flow of energy will be much better throughout your system and, as mentioned before, this is a great benefit for physical condition and in our day to day life. I hope you’ll try this and then tell me how it went.