For those of you who have read the post ‘”Past Lives vs Parallel Lives”, what I’m telling you now can be at least interesting. These days of August, although I am not on vacation, the “public” activity is reduced due to the preparation of new projects, the preparation of the courses that I will start in September and the preparation of a third book in which I’m stuck, so the pace of updating the blog is somewhat lower and there are not so many topics of interest to write about. However, a experience a couple of nights ago on a topic that I have been investigating to the best of my abilities over the last few weeks is a perfect fit to illustrate a little more about the subject.

Visiting a parallel life

So what happened is that I had what we call a lucid dream, that you know you are dreaming and you are aware of it. Actually, I had a connection through one of the open energetic portals that must exist between my actual “incarnation” with other parallel incarnations (through the Higher Self), for which a great amount of information arose about another possible “existence” that’s simultaneous of myself.

In this simultaneous existence, I saw myself (from within that possible “other body”, that is, I do not know what it looked like) in a house. A woman was sitting next to me on a sofa, there were many people in the dining room and especially many children. We were celebrating some kind of party and the children were having a great time. For some reason I knew it was my house, and my son (or one of them) was running around and jumping next to me. Although I did not recognize any of those present, I had the feeling of being in the family. Noticing that I was lucid, I noticed at the table I had besides me there were some coconut chocolates (like Rafaello) that I love, but what would be my surprise to see that they were of another brand, even being the same ones that I knew. It is typical of the products to adapt its name according to the market in which it is sold.

I knew all the time it was me, I knew who I was and that sensation was bizarre, because I was somewhere else in which i seemed to fit but that it was not familiar. Being lucid, I thought maybe there could be some way to bring home some “proof” or memory of that to be able to check that information, so without knowing why, I took my phone out of my pocket thinking about taking a picture of the family meeting, and I saw that It was not the cell phone that I have now, and the most curious thing is that the telephone network to which I was connected said “UK”. So a sudden ” lucidity “ came to me. I was in the house from another incarnation of my simultaneous Higher Self and it was taking place in the United Kingdom, I had my family there and although I did not recognize them, I knew who they were and I knew who I was.

Just having that moment of super lucidity, which was like saying “ok, you already have the experience you wanted to have”. And bam, the dream was over. I woke up with the intact information and it was super clear in my mind, so clear that two days later I still remember all the details and I know what it was and what it meant. Obviously for each of you this may have a different interpretation, I totally agree, however, one knows internally that this kind of messages from these type of situations are because we live them.