There is a very common term in Anglo-Saxon spiritual literature that is the term of “Wanderer” and, in Spanish, almost always translated as “errante“. Its definition is a little more complex but probably some of you resonate with what I explain to you about it.

In all these years I’ve been trying to learn more and more about the “non visible” part of this game of “existence” in which we are involved and have found many people who comment that they have the impression that they are not from here , or that, at least, they feel strange, odd, and out of place on this planet. I do not mean that you do not like the society in which you live or that you do not fit into the cultural or social models we have, but really, you feel that you are not “from this planet.” Whatever exists behind that feeling, in some cases, it may perhaps be the concept of “being a wanderer”.

Lend a hand from the inside

When an entity that has exceeded the current evolutionary level in which we are, and has progressed through the following “courses”, whatever they are, decides to “repeat” and return to our planet to attend, we find a “wanderer.” They are entities that return to lower levels, of evolutionary systems for which they have already passed, with the sole purpose of helping in the transition processes of the places in which they incarnate.

Wanderers exist of both polarities, of service to oneself and of service to others, which means that there are negative entities that embody again at 3d level to try to promote the polarity of service to oneself on the planet ( We have them here), as well as there are positive entities that embody to collaborate in the transition to the new level 15,6 Hz positive that we try to establish (many more). The purpose in addition, of these souls or beings, is not only to embody to help in one step of level, but to work, to teach or to collaborate “from inside”, since the rules of the free will impose the external non-intervention, so that in order to be able to help, you must embody with the same conditions as those natives of the evolutionary level in which you enter.

You plan it, and then you don’t remember

However, one of the problems, is that many of these Wanderers never complete their mission, that which had been proposed from their level of origin, because they are not able to awaken spiritually once within the current system, because when it is activated the “veil” of Memory and the programming and manipulation that every human being has by default, must work just as hard as the rest to “waken”, because respecting the rules of the game, you embody without knowing who you are, where you come from, and what was your mission. The difference of a being of a higher level, is that not only will feel quite out of place on this planet and at this evolutionary level with all its limitations that by its own evolution has already left behind, but if it does not complete its mission, after the physical death of the body that occupies and the restoration of the memory of who he/she is in fact and what was his mission, the “trauma” for not being able to “waken” and carry it out can be quite depressing, and presume either to desist and let it run, or else keep trying in new incarnations, especially if you have generated any kind of karma, which you must complete and balance along new entries and outputs of the “Wheel of Samsara” (in linear terms of time) in which we are immersed.

A Long Way

Thus, the evolutionary path of a wanderer could perfectly have this representation:

A soul may have completed its evolutionary cycle 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D, for example, anywhere in the universe, but before moving on, it decides that, by sheer desire to help and serve others, it wants to incarnate again in those places where other entities are having difficulty with their graduation processes. So, reduces his frequency level to become a 3D entity again, embodies, and initiate a long series of incarnations with the original purpose of helping those souls on the planet. From here, there is no difference between a wanderer and a native soul that comes from a “normal” Evolution (1D –> 2D and now 3D). Yes, there is a difference in the level of knowledge, experiences and lessons accumulated at the level of the Higher Self, but that being who has gone back, does not remember anything, and brings no initial advantage over the rest. In reality almost everything that it brings are inconveniences.

Great frequency Difference

Due to the extreme difference in the frequency patterns between the evolutionary level of origin and ours, a wanderer, as a general rule, does not have it too easy to adapt its current vibrational level to the one present on our planet, so they present some kind of physical problem, difficulty or feeling of discomfort by having to adapt its vibration to a physical vehicle far below, in many cases, of its evolutionary level.

The soul-body symbiosis is always in accordance with the parameters established for each life, a human soul “fits” perfectly with a 3D human body, and if physical defects are present, these are usually due to life lessons, karmas or pending lessons. That the Higher Self of that soul has decided to experiment. However, a being 4, 5 or 6D always has problems to fit into a 3D physical body, the vibratory reduction must happen necessarily and always brings certain difficulties, which can cause distortion in the recipient (the body) manifesting itself in one or more forms as problems or physical defects, or even mental, in the wanderer.

Another problem is that the wanderer cannot return to its original level when wanted, you must complete the process of graduation of the current “course” as any other soul and that is why you must earn your own graduation. What they bring as a standard is their polarization, being in most cases towards the service to others, so that they can move faster and “waken” faster, with less effort to have a clear positive polarity brought from its evolutionary previous path. Then, the wanderer, once “graduated”, does not have to return to his place of origin, for example, where he/she left off, but can continue the whole process accompanying those souls with whom he/she has graduated with, forming part of the “human species.” It is a decision of the wanderer and its Higher Self which is taken in each case.

Characteristics of the wanderers from 4, 5 and 6D

An entity that returns to the third density or evolutionary level (“density” is the term popularized by the books Ra Material to refer to evolutionary levels) since the fourth, being this generically speaking the density of love and compassion , it will tend to live its life and to project its behavior in this incarnation rather in groups, rather than perhaps in couple. The vast majority of wanderers 4D entered our planet at the time of the 60’s, to increase precisely that vibration from which they came, giving rise to the famous hippie culture of life in communities. Instinctively, it is one of the patterns that occur in the next evolutionary level, the deep integration between members of the 4D society, being the hippie movement that we all know, the manifestation of that energy and the way of conceiving the relations of the group of wanderers from the 4D.

On the other hand, and in a completely opposite way, wanderings that come from the fifth density are rather solitary people. Being the fifth density a level where wisdom and the search for knowledge are paramount, this kind of wandering brings with it the need for loneliness, without any problem or negative feeling associated, which allows them to devote themselves to this type of activities, since they have passed the learning of the lessons of love and compassion, and now they must balance them and combine them with a deeper study of creation and a search for knowledge, which is the engine that directs learning in the fifth density. This type of wandering, to return to this “third density”, bring with them those facets that sometimes turn them into people who like and need some solitude to be able to function in their own level. In addition, they often seek forms of fellowship that emulate those relationships between teachers, people who are with the same desire to acquire knowledge and devote themselves to it.

Finally, wanderers that come from the sixth density are much less usual, much less in number, but being the unit and the loss of polarity the main characteristic of this evolutionary level, are people who primarily seek to associate closely with the ones that are only in the same line of thought, of resonance, “of spirit” level, because the “relatives” relationships have less weight than the relations between people who “vibrate” like them, and that is the frequency that they bring to our planet.

Same objective

In the end, it turns out that no matter if you have already gone through the fourth, fifth or sixth density in your own evolutionary path, because you have accepted the rules of this level and you have to earn your graduation again by completing, once again, all the lessons on our planet If you want to get out of here and “go home”. But it is very important that if you happen to be a wanderer, wake up to your work, mission or why you left to come here and repeat course, because if you came to do something, is because you considered it important to do so, and you had the risk of not being able to get to it, knowing you’d forget. I would start by contacting our Higher Self, guides and others to start giving us clues where the shots are going. There are not too many wanderers compared to the total number of humanity, it is estimated that only a few million of the 7.5 billion people are wandering souls, but you never know, and it would be a shame to waste this last incarnation without having completed the work you had predestined.