We’ve all had panic attacks at some point, or uncontrollable fears, or times when we’re tense because we’re scared. But, what is really fear and how can we control it?

Fear is a mechanism and an energy that has different functions. On the one hand, it helps to guarantee your own survival. No more, no less. As long as fear exists, our body/mind holds the hope of being able to ”escape“ and to ”come out alive” from any situation that may seem threatening. Fear, on the other hand, is one of the most paralyzing, negative and dense energies that can circulate through our energy system.

Activation of fear

Fear is triggered whenever the body feels threatened, and in most cases, it comes from the early stages of our development, when we were between 0 and 12 months old. It is what has made it possible for us to survive as babies, because in our first stage as human beings we are purely focused on our instinct and on our needs, and all we care about is having them fully covered: emotional needs, food resources (eating or drinking), protecting ourselves from cold or heat, etc. On the other hand, fear is also imbued through all kinds of external stimuli, keeping us always in an unconscious tension state due to the multiple threats that we may encounter in our daily routine.

The two parts of fear

This instinctive and sometimes uncontrollable feeling has two components. The first one is the pure unconscious reaction (automatic reflexes, protective movements, internal sensations that we do not control, changes in our organs such as tightening muscles, putting goosebumps, coughing, breathing agitated, screaming, etc), and the second component is the one that has the ability to learn something from the situation which is causing that reaction.

It is basically this second component that ends up directing our life, because it is a mental process that has the ability to analyze that which is “frightening” us, but that most of the time copies what it has recorded from others (for example, if our child sees us scared by something, he will copy that reaction in its “learning” component, and when it happens to him, by pure copying process, he will act the same, even if in principle, for him, it’s no logical).

The “file man”

From the firsts months of life, we already have enough information about how to act in different situations for everything we have seen in our environment, so that we create a small mechanism within us, that is in charge of analyzing and deciding what kind of reaction we should use when something similar happens to us.

This mental “file man” (it is one of our mind’s programs) takes notes and keeps scrupulously in our memory (mental body) all that he finds in his awakening in life, in what he sees in his parents and in what he records around him, and from here on, whenever he sees himself in front of a potentially dangerous situation, he will turn to the “mind file” to find out what kind of reaction he should use. It works as a computer program would do: reads the “input data”, searches for the best optimal response and makes the necessary adjustments so the whole personality, body and behaviour acts as decided.

Flee and protect us

Therefore, when we feel threatened by anything, our “file man” (which is a mental program) tells our personality and body, through different programs present in us, how it should act, according to the kind of threat it faces, creating a fog of fear, a blockage, so that we get as far away from that situation as possible. Even future events, which have not happened, but which could happen to us, and which we can imagine in our mind, are just as capable of generating that situation of fear to prevent our body from suffering, and it makes us often not doing things because we perceive something within that blocks us from simply trying.

That blockage is our file, our inner “little man” who has found in our memory of when we were little, something that could threaten our survival, however illogical it may seem now that we are older, and which provokes that reaction many times totally uncontrolled. As our fears accumulate in our emotional body and in different parts of the psyche, we grow up fearing many things whose objective reality would not have to cause us any fear.

Every time you feel afraid, ask yourself, what is my body protecting me from? is it logical? where is this fear born? who or what imbued it to me? You will probably realize that you dare to do many more things than you thought, simply realizing that the reaction you might have is nothing more than an answer learned from a previous memory or experience, but that now it may no longer have meaning or reason to be. Eliminating our fears we advance in our paths, and there is no heavier burden on the backpack than their accumulation.