According to several religions, karma would be a metaphysical energy (invisible and immeasurable) resulting from people’s actions, an accumulation of energetic events coming back at us through the Laws of Cause and Effect and something we could call the Boomerang Law.

With regard to life, and in the metaphysical sense attributed to karma, the idea behind it is that everything we do, think, execute, say, etc., produces an energy, it´s the cause producing an effect, which is sometimes good and sometimes not so good (so called “negative karma”). This effect, according the universal law stating that what you give is what you get in return, ends up affecting us in a positive or negative way, resulting in what we all know as karma accumulation. The sum of problems, negative events, chaotic situations, etc., are very often due to “karma”, a previous action in which we have created something similar to what we are receiving now, sometimes unbeknown to us. Generally speaking, the concept of karma is based on that cosmic law whereby for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction, this is what we interpret as “what goes around comes around” and other similar expressions.

Karma and reincarnation

Eastern religions and philosophies teach us that karma accumulates beyond one’s life to a next life, especially when our actions have consequences beyond our lifetime. It’s as if what we’ve done is of such proportions, that the boomerang effect takes longer than a single lifetime to “bring it back to us”. We must take into account that this explanation comes from a linear timeline point of view, because in fact time follows a simultaneous pattern, and everything exists in eternal “now”. What actually happens is that when an action gets started, an opposite force will also be produced, the latter of which we notice, but neither one is subject to the laws of time as we perceive it. Then, per our human perception, we may now be experiencing the effects of one action that started 300 years or just 10 minutes ago.

This is why it’s said that we drag the consequences of deeds and actions of a past existence from one lifetime to another, and karma accumulation is what makes us go through certain situations (positive or negative) even without wanting or knowing where they come from. Again, this is just our misinterpretation of the law, since we’re not judged nor punished for our deeds. Instead, as co-creators we have our share of responsibility in the reality we live in, but tend to see this in a “negative” light, assuming we’re “paying” or have “paid” the price for “wrongs” committed in the past.

“Day to day Karma”

This is why karma isn’t just something created and accumulated from one lifetime to another, karma is continuously creating “causes”, and therefore, we are continuously generating “effects”. Usually these effects return to us rather quickly, a good deed on our part is rewarded within days or weeks when something good happens to us, but a slight misbehaviour is returned in the guise of a “little problem”. Some people don’t mean to harm the tiniest insect, thinking that this attitude will spare them any repercussions, and they’re determined to do as many good works as they can, in order to reap the benefits from these actions. This conduct might be dictated by “intuition” or “feeling” of this process, but in most cases is dictated by their governing belief system.

It’s our personal decision how we choose to live with regard to these universal laws. If we decide to go about the world causing anger, fear, egotism, rage, or any other negative aspect we can think of, we will simply live getting the same thing from life and other people. On the contrary, if you choose and decide to live happy, in peace, with love and generosity, that’s what you´ll get.

But, can you do that? It depends. It’s all a matter of attitude and consciousness, to choose the way we react to how others treat us. We can do wrong when someone does wrong upon us, or we can find a way to respond to these “bad” actions in ways that don’t result in negative consequences for us in the short or long term. Let’s just take into account that nothing, or no-one, is judging what we do or don’t, everything is energy operating in accordance with rules and laws: for every cause there’s an effect which, at some point in time, we will perceive in our reality.