Can you tell me why you haven’t succeeded yet in life? What is keeping you from being the best version of yourself, giving the best of you, what’s keeping you from enjoying the most fulfilling, plenty, the deepest personal relationships, and the most wonderful sense of happiness?

I will tell you the answer. It is yourself. Even if you don’t believe it. You are to “blame” you’re not making in it in your life in this moment.

Limiting beliefs and assorted fears

While it’s true that life is never a path full of roses and, sure enough, everything that happens to us always has two points of view: one negative, taking it as something annoying, and overwhelming that grinds us down, which makes our point of view even more negative as to take the role of a victim of circumstances, the other one, sees it in a positive light, as an opportunity to learn something, to take one step ahead, something to become stronger and to acquire abilities that will make us better. It is a matter of choice how we want to see everything happening to us.

However, not everything in our current situation depends on how we consciously choose to see every moment of our life. Most of the barriers in the road to a swift success are hidden in our subconscious: they are our limiting beliefs and our fears that, without reaching the surface, we’re not aware of them. They act behind the curtain of our analytical mind to influence our reality, but when we shed light on them (through conscious thinking), they can be removed.

In my book, Synchronicities, The Power of Intuition (only in spanish so far), there’s one chapter about the power of subconsciousness and how it directs our life when we decide not to be consciously in control, and we let go with the circumstances of the moment, going with the flow of reality created collectively by the people around us, instead of consciously expressing our own reality without regard (or at least not influenced by) to somebody else’s. It’s here, within subconsciousness, where all these limiting beliefs and fears reside, blocking all the potential we have that we’ve earned throughout the years of experience.

Basically, what we have in our mind inadvertently affecting us are these “power” limiting experiences, assumptions that we will not make it where we’d like to, that we can’t do this or that because we’re not “good” enough, that we lack what’s necessary, that we’re better off the way we are because we don’t want to stand out too much with the trouble associated with that. All these notions don’t come “out of the blue”, they are the result of years of conditioning by the environment where we have lived and been raised in, thus inducing us to believe that we have to do this but not that, that we can be this and no more than this, etc. These ideas are deeply rooted in our subconscious, and they are also the consequence of the amount of “junk” we absorb day by day through the TV and other mass media: that things are going bad and it’s getting worse, that only a few can make it to the top, that you have to toil to earn a living, etc.

Evidently, this is duly recorded in every detail in our subconsciousness, creating models and behaviours that “automatically” assume that we do have a limit, that we are unable to go further and, therefore, our mind behaves as if that’s the reality to create, and since the mind is a good servant, that’s the reality it brings to us.

Economy and Success

Typically, two of the more important blockages are related to money and personal success, since they are more socially visible and we have been heavily conditioned on them.

For example, ask yourself: what is the socio-economic level you feel comfortable with?, what balance in your bank account starts getting you nervous if it goes below certain figure? 5.000 euros? 15.000? There’s people who feel worried if they have less than 50.000 euros in their bank account, while others do if they are under 1000. What is the highest amount that you ever managed to achieve with which you felt comfortable? Some feel it’s perfectly normal to have a monthly salary of 6.000 euros a month and they’re not like, “Wow!”. While for others, to earn 600 is a great achievement.

But who defines these limits? Nobody else but you do. These limits are completely arbitrary. You choose to feel uncomfortable or stressed when your bank account balance is less than “X” euros, and it’s you who thinks a salary of 6.000 euros a month is excessive, instead of thinking about it as perfectly normal and feasible. This is your conditioning, your beliefs about what’s “normal” and what’s “wow!” and this is what defines your external reality. This type of conditioning is not in your analytical mind, therefore, is not something that you can change overnight, for this is a limiting belief well ingrained in your subconscious.

What about fear for success? It’s basically the same thing. Who chooses how to react and how to live if everything you did was a solid success, if every project you undertake, every idea in your head was so good that you were immediately launched to a better standard of living? It’s almost always the same problem. It’s our subconsciousness stopping us, putting these limitations due to the social conditioning endured our whole life, the fear or panic to stand out, to be so good that the sense of wellbeing and personal success overwhelms us. What are they going to think about me? It’s best to keep a low profile since this way I’m just doing well.

Eliminating limiting beliefs

It’s really hard to break and erase long-term conditioning, but not impossible. First, you have to be certain this can be done. I personally know two more or less effective methods to do so. First method is to bring to our conscious mind all those fears and limiting fears. To examine in detail our own beliefs, what we can or can’t do, on how much we can ask for our work, or services, or the value added by our activities, about where we want to go in our professional field or personal life. These beliefs have to be uprooted from our subconscious and brought before our analytical mind, this makes us become suddenly aware of these barriers and, shedding the light of consciousness on them, we can slowly disengage these brakes on ourselves. It’s not a one-day job, but it is very effective.

The second method is going directly where your fears and limiting beliefs lie: subconsciousness. This can be done in several ways, for instance, during meditation, visualizing to literally burn and break those barriers, listening to new messages at night while you’re asleep where you tell yourself you live a full life in plenty, repeating this message time and again, etc. This entails subconsciousness changing the old belief for a new one of our choosing, and then start working with this new model and paradigm. If we want to feel as something normal that our income doubles the current one, that our job is three time better, and that every project we undertake goes further, etc. we only have to tell our subconscious that is so. We only have to put in there that there’s no limitation to what we want to be, what we want to live and enjoy, and little by little, this reality will appear before your eyes.

A matter of choice

To be what you want it’s a matter of your own and personal choice. External circumstances may influence you and push you from one place to another, but if you are certain that you can break your barriers, and to live the life you want, then, if the wind blows against you, you only have to hold tight and wait for the storm to pass, but you don’t have to change course. The happiness, plenty and success that you can achieve only depends on you making that choice, and of course, start working for that. Without blockages, erroneous beliefs or fear in your mind to get there, I am sure that you will make it much faster than you think, and much easier too.