What the Bleep do we Know


The title of this article is nothing more than the title of the movie I saw yesterday. Nothing to do with the “normal” movies, despite the fact that it was being projected in a “normal” cinema, but yesterday the universe guided me to that place because “What the Bleep do we know” tries to explain from the point of quantum physics how to materialize and manifest our desires in the physical plane.

Yesterday I received confirmation of everything I already knew about the world being energy and that we can mold it with our thinking. That the past and the future do not exist, in the sense that time is simultaneous and everything happens at the same time, when you see it from a higher perspective, above our normal “personality” point of view, and that we can alter what happens to us, so we bring and manifest the world around only with the action and projections of our mind via our pineal gland. The interesting thing was to see how they explained from a pseudo-scientific point of view. There were not many people in the room and I wonder if everyone who was there had the same questions in mind I had or were on the same path to discover how to create our future and shape our personal reality.

Maybe someone was dragged there without being very aware of where he/she was going, me, as soon I read what the movie was about I had no doubt that was the one that I had to see.

Translated from David Topi´s spanish version by Katia Moral. Follow her work via Facebook and Instagram.

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