One of the things that surprises me most and, of which, I have most learned in the last few years, is that the greater the “energy cleanliness” or the higher the “vibration” level, this of karma “day-to-day” reaches amazing speeds.

The boomerang comes back

You know life is like a boomerang, there is nothing you “throw” (say or do) that sooner or later, somehow, in a more or less subtle way, doesn´t come back to you. It is pure law of attraction, action-reaction, cause-effect, taken to direct action so much, that its effects may be appreciated even though we may not know how to relate them to something that maybe happened years ago. Due to some physical law which I don’t completely master yet, the higher the frequency level of the person, the more quickly the effects of that issued, are produced.

For example, imagine that ten years ago, one day, I don’t feel like going to work, and I make up an excuse and I call my boss and tell him I am sick. This energy of “deception” or “lies” (or the energy state associated to it) of that time, due to the fact that my energy system was still very loaded did not have immediate “negative” consequences. In other words, I had generated an energy of “deceit” but in my reality that effect was not noticed. Maybe months later somebody else did the same thing to me in another situation, and without me knowing it, the karma was cancelled or the energy issued years ago was balanced. The “boomerang” came back but I was not able of associating this situation to something I had previously initiated.

At full speed

At present, this happens to me within minutes or at the most during the day. I can’t generate any type of energy without seeing the consequence (positive, balanced or negative) come back to me in an immediate way. My intuition says this is simply due to the vibrational state in which one is, as higher frequencies find less physical resistance when attracting the effect of that which has been generated.

This takes me to a swift conclusion and an important lesson, that, what you do, or say, has to be always according to what you are, that is, we have to be “transparent”, show ourselves as we are and not change the natural vibration we issue and if you generate “energies” that have consequences (good or bad) let it be because those are the “pure” and true energy you issue and emanate. Why? Because at a certain point in time, that whatever you “issue” comes back very, very quickly, disguised as the situation, person, or event that it’s required, but back again in the end. And there is nothing more uncomfortable than seeing how the boomerang strikes you in the head again and again, it is not that it hurts, it is that you realize there is no way of escaping from this universal law.

In the end this is, but, another lesson: honesty to oneself, transparency and sincerity. After all you attract that what you issue, sooner or later, so it is better attracting the foregoing than the opposite processes.