When other parts of you, work for you

In the last two articles we have talked about how inner transformations are following the rhythms appropriate to each person to produce the needed change, and how to be present in that state of “here and now”, to facilitate the manifestation and appearance, little by little, of the consciousness of our Higher Self, that allows the progressive transformation of the personality, reducing the power to the automatic driver incorporated in our mental vehicle which is the ego program.

These processes and changes of which we have spoken, do not occur overnight, and although it doesn’t take more than three minutes to scan more or less the content of any article or book that explains it, and tell ourselves that we are going to try to put it into practice, we all know that 10 min later, in general, we are already looking for something else, and we haven’t done more than add some ideas or pieces of information to the mental body, which, in most cases, it is relegated to the memory banks, when not filtered and erased completely, without major transcendence for the individual’s growth.

So, seen from this point of view, one would wonder, then, how to really do in order to achieve and maintain permanently that what we are talking about, that is, living as much as possible in this “present”, flowing with the rhythm of things, accompanying the cycles of constant transformations without reticence, allowing more regularly the leaning out of the consciousness of our Higher Self to the physical world, etc.

When other parts of you, work for you

Fortunately there are mechanisms in other parts of the psyche that take care of part of the work that the conscious mind forgets to do, when, after having read or received information about anything related on how to move forward, or grow, or anything that has to do with our evolutionary awakening,  goes directly to Facebook, or any such site, continues reading other news about the breeding of the crab in Australia by fishermen in swimsuit, and things like that, that is, when we return to the normal mode of automatic operation, where the external stimuli of distraction, fascination, pastime and concentration on the external return to predominate, and once again carry the reins of the perception and management of reality.

Actually, there would be no possibility that significant changes in the evolution of the human being would happen if other components of ourselves didn’t also take an active part in bringing them to completion, but not perceived by the conscious mind, in the process of executing them. This happens, for example, with the transformations detonated subtly by the energies that come to us through the words of an article, book, video, etc., which can cause shocks and movements in our unconscious or subconscious and stir us without our noticing (for good, not entering into the subject of negative or manipulative subliminals, that also come to us constantly through the media), and that only by the fact of processing certain energy, it helps us to move internally the stagnant waters and compacted structures that exist in all of us. It is thanks to these processes of inner alchemy, that we are in perpetual change, although we don’t notice or know how to monitor them.

Refining the matter of our energy structure

All of our subtle bodies are constituted by matter of the different planes and levels for which they are the evolutionary vehicle of our being, that is to say, that the etheric body is made of etheric matter just as the causal body is made of causal material. The matter of these planes has different degrees of density and vibration, for example, the classification that we make of the matter of the physical plane goes through a gradation in 7 levels that goes from the solid matter, to liquid, gas, etheric, super-etheric, sub-atomic and atomic. In the same way, matter is divided equivalently from all the planes that form the multidimensional structure of our reality within our planet.

This matter or constituent energy of each part of our subtle bodies goes refining itself as the person goes transforming inside, little by little, through what heals and transmutes inside his or her body, through what he or she learns, comprehends and integrates, through what comes from the environment and the energy from which we nourish, etc., so, automatically, and also due to the increase of the type of energy that reaches the planet, that which is emanated by the Sun, that which is produced by the environment in which we live, etc., whether we want it or not, we all go increasing our resonance and the frequency of our energy structure, and, with greater or lesser fluidity, fortunately, we all go releasing ballast and converting, more and more, the matter of our entire energy system and subtle bodies in matter of more and more refined composition, going from being composed of the lowest and densest classes, to the highest and subtlest ones from those seven types and different levels of energy for each body.

These changes in the matter and energy base that form our system, gradually, have an impact in a greater expansion of consciousness, in the activation of the higher control centres, in the crystallization of the higher bodies, etc., and, and although at snail speed, these changes help us to go slowly “awakening”, changing, growing, and advancing in our individual path as, in addition, we contribute to the advancement of the entire human race through the small changes that are getting achieved in the unconscious/conscious collective, waiting to reach that critical mass that ends up setting in motion more substantial and tangible changes for all, first in the causal, mental and emotional levels of the human being, and at some point in the process, also in the physical planes.

The need to find answers

In general, for the catalysts and triggers of these subtle changes to reach us, it is necessary that the person feels a need for them. There usually comes a time when every human being is awakened by the desire to better understand the world in which he lives at all levels of it. It usually happens when you run out of “official” answers given by science, the media and religion to the things that happen to you, or happen to your loved ones, and that are not contemplated neither accepted by one or the others. For this, depending on the openness of each one, and usually in a silent way, so as not to attract too many glances and comments (“what will they say about me if now I get into weird and alternative topics”), one realizes that what is so hidden, misinformed or discredited, is only what is not wanted to be known, but that it gives humans the freedom and the gradual disconnection of the system upon knowing it (especially at the topics of health and well-being, not conventional science, etc.), and that the powers in control know, use and give good faith of their capacity and effectiveness.

Thus, it’s a matter of breaking the molds, of daring to leave all established beliefs about what is valid or not, good or bad, truth or lie, exploring for ourselves that which the current systems deny as true and valid, daring to make mistakes if we come across something that later does not serve us, and knowing that we are always protected to the extent that something that is not aligned with some kind of experience or inner growth that is useful to us, will not come across our way, since, if we never leave our limited vision of reality, simply because we only trust what the official media, religions, institutions in power, etc. tell us, without exploring those other things for ourselves, we will continue being subjected to the blockade imposed on our growth, since we will not be taking advantage of the opportunities to expand beyond our own limitations, opportunities that open currently at all levels of reality.

And to be able to detonate the changes needed to cross the threshold of the door to the next level of the path to where we are headed, it’s necessary to catalyse and remove everything that has become obsolete, clogged and slowed down for so long, a need that also causes, at the macro level, the need that the external scenarios of the common agreed reality that serve to provoke those changes also find themselves accelerated. Let’s use that in our favour, and accompany to the extent possible those internal changes they trigger consciously, so everything that must be transmuted and refined in us, be done gradually and smoothly, and not in a sudden or unconscious way.

Translated from David Topi´s spanish version by Katia Moral. Follow her work via Facebook and Instagram.

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