Human beings tend to stay in a comfort zone. Somewhere in our psyche, due to the education, origin, and structure that we have, it is expected that any change has to come from the outside. I do not say this as a criticism, we want positive changes by the action, work, and execution of others. I agree that this facet has been enhanced and used by the elites to take control of the masses, as there is nothing that can be used against you if it is not already in you, but, on the other hand, sometimes I wonder how can we give so much of our power to others, myself in the first place, and do not realize that this is the easiest way of losing control of our destiny.

How am I responsible for this?

We empower those who generate wars, crises, conflicts, and so forth when we rely on others – like politicians or authorities – the solution of the world situation or even our situation. We have this system of life on earth because each person has contributed to co-create it, and even though we may not like it and our ego may rise to say “how can you accuse me of the creation of so much misery, violence or evil?”, the answer is very simple: every inch of evil, violence, and misery within us, contributes to the creation of a macro global reality, which is maximized, exploited and manipulated to maintain the situation in which we live. You have not the main responsibility for everything that happens in the world, however, we are indirectly responsible because the physical reality comes from the energy reality, and the energy reality is formed by what we all project mentally and emotionally.

We have believed for millennia that we do not have any personal power, therefore it is nonsense when someone points that you are responsible for your reality and partly responsible for the common reality. With the book “The Secret” in hand it is hard to understand that any of the things that happen in the world exists as a result of the projections of our emotional and mental bodies, both located 20 centimeters from our physical body. We also have been told a thousand times that we are beings who depend on others to direct our lives for almost everything because we do not know how to do it ourselves and therefore we do not have any power to generate those things and situations that we see in the news every day.

As always, any change in the outside has to come from the inside

One of the guides with whom we connect from time to time talked about this “elites” in a regression session. From a very high point of view (not the human, of course), they are souls who can not realize that fighting for resources, control, or a piece of the planet, is nonsense. Living rooted in fear to lose their position, control, and power, fuel struggles, conflicts and fights between them, which are transformed into the wars, chaos and other negative events that we perceive in the planet, especially for the “negative” or denser timelines or realities that co-exist on Earth. All this is influenced by outside races, who behave the same way, as their soul, their concept of the creation and point of view of how we should move through life is just as closed and obtuse, even if they come from another planet.

Fortunately, we are becoming a little less manipulable because more people are no longer waiting for external solutions as they realized that nothing changes outside if there is no change from the inside, but they are still a minority compared to the 7000 millions of humans in the planet. However, those who no longer expect anything from the system and the environment for inner transformation are heading firmly towards the evolutionary change and will be the pioneers in the transition to the positive temporary line, because they have taken control of the life they want, and not expecting that others do things, solve problems, fix remaining issues or make the economy improve or whatever. But, of course, a personal realization that this is true is the first step and not intellectual knowledge, but to be aware from the deepest part of your being that the outside world only depends on the inner world, and no one but you have the control over it.

We don’t fight against anything, but for something

One of the most important lessons I have received since I am in the path of personal growth and evolution – and also trying to help others -, is that working against something makes no sense, but rather, work towards something. Working against the current system does not produce any result while working to build an alternative better system makes all the difference. It is always better and much more productive to place our energy in something that we want than dealing with something that we do not. Buckminster Fuller, designer, engineer, visionary and American inventor, quoted this that for a long time was my reference phrase: “never try to change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, you must build a new model that makes the current model obsolete.”

At this rate in some of the timelines, and possibly with the despair of many people, the time will come when large masses of human beings, maybe from the most negative timelines, will go out into the streets demanding that someone save them from the horror and chaos produced by the media, mental manipulation, and negative events created and empowered with the creative potential of human beings.

At that moment, if it comes, it will be a critical point where those who want to be saved, will have no problem to accept any solution provided by our elites (the technique of the problem-reaction-solution, you can find information online). If they have to create a stage of an alien spacecraft arriving to save humanity, people will be open and willing to accept it and get up; if they have to prepare the coming of a second Messiah, there will be no obstacles for this purpose and people will follow with their eyes closed; if they have to offer an open control system and much more restrictive because life will be safer, people will accept it without any question. Because the idea is trying to continue to generate more fear and enhance the idea that change comes from the outside, and not from the inside.

Anyway, we do not have to worry, what I am telling you are only hypothetical events in very low-frequency timelines, none of whom are reading this blog will be attached to them, at least that is the goal. But it is a reality that perhaps can be manifested somewhere because they keep telling us that we have no control over our destiny and we continue to believe it. Human beings can co-create anything when they have no doubts about their power. We should not be worried about saving the world, but rather to execute changes within ourselves to get control of our particular and real world. The society will not change by external action of those who govern it, but by the internal and private evolution of every person. Millions of individual changes produce global changes, and this is the only way in which things work and evolve.