The study of our mind is impressive. I am always surprised when I come to understand more and more mechanisms of the different parts of our being and discern the various “sources” through which one can rely to navigate this school of life. In this case, I have a few days doing some checks (or trying) of different messages or channels that you find on the net, to find out or investigate their actual origin and possible validity. With all this, I have drawn a sort of list about the source of the information. Don’t think it is 100% correct or is complete, but I have already used them to discern some good material, pure imagination. I managed to identify 10 different sources, which I commented in case you are interested.

The imagination

Something I have read out there (I will not quote in any case what, or where, or anything like that, because it is not my intention in this article to talk about it) came directly from the imagination of the writing person, but without being aware that it was his CONSCIOUS mind who was elaborating the information. It’s not one of the most common sources. But our imagination can be very convincing if you want and some things that are passed down as from “information from higher entities” it only comes from the imagination of the person who is receiving.

The Ego

The ego, as the program that manages our personality that usually takes the reins of our mind, and of our life in many cases, can see freeway when entering in a meditative or relaxed state and start to make us receive a multitude of information that, really, when you read it, you realize its origin, almost without asking where it comes from. Channels or messages of the ego are directed towards the ego, so it is already a good indication of which is the source, the simple fact of seeing the content of the message and take note about the main idea behind it.

The subconscious

By far the most repeated source in almost every case. Our subconscious is a powerful machine with an impressive knowledge, hidden under many layers that if it can come to light, it can result in a source of bestial information. Many good self-channels, messages that come to us in meditation, etc., come from our subconscious, and are useful to guide us through the day to day. I have long thought (since I wrote the power of intuition, where I learned a lot about my own subconscious), that this part, if it is healthy, clean and “connected” with the conscious mind, can do miracles in our life. I have found many supposed pipelines of “superior” entities that come from the subconscious of the channelizer, but the message was valid, of quality, reliable.

The collective unconscious of the planet

Another of the possibilities that I have found is that there are messages or information directly collected from the energetic tumult that represents the collective unconscious of humanity. It does not surprise me that in many cases it doesn’t make sense at all, it’s full of words that sound very good but do not say anything. You have only to look at the amount of interminable circulating on the net.

The Soul or “Inner Self”

Messages that come from inside oneself, at the level of “soul”. Connected to the messages of the subconscious, but of a “deeper” substratum. Impressive source of information and another of the things to “awaken” or listen with more attention to our interior.

The Higher Self

Our “not incarnated” part, the whole of all that we are on various levels. Another important source of messages and information, but usually destined to oneself, to personal and spiritual growth. Another connection to develop and always work. Few (or almost any) occasions found as a source in what I have read so far published on the internet.

Positive entities of the astral, mental or higher plane

Another possible source of messages and channels. I have decided not to use the term “spiritual guide” because any entity external to us of any level can be a guide, so I will differentiate them by their frequency or vibrational plane. Several messages and channels that I have encountered came from these kinds of beings, partially limited by their evolutionary level, but evidently with more and better perspective than us on many things.

Negative entities of the astral, mental or higher plane

The same but in the opposite direction. All types of entities that perceive an “open channel” and if the person “channeling” does not have the knowledge or the sufficient preparation, or enough high frequency resonance, you find yourself full of meaningless messages, or similar to those that come out of the bestial collective unconscious: lots of words that sound good but do not say anything. Also directed many times to inflate the ego or the feeling of self-importance.

Positive entities of other races or higher levels

The same as the entities of the internal planes of the Earth, but with another higher evolutionary level. I have not seen any of these, but here we could put known entities in the mystical literature-esoteric: Rust, Ra, Cassiopeia, Seth, etc.

Negative entities of other races or higher levels

Idem as the above but with negative sense.

So, among other things, those who know how to do it, you can check the origin of the messages that you find out there, read, come to you or whatever. Think also that the higher the level of evolution, the more coherent and level your message should have. It does not make sense that an entity 6D is not able to communicate perfectly with a 3D entity, using clear language and concepts, and not a string of generic words and phrases, open to thousands of interpretations and that there is no way to understand clearly. Would you, if you had to explain something to someone with a lower evolutionary level, if you wanted to help, wouldn’t you do it using their same vocabulary and communication patterns? On the other hand, is it true that if you want to distract, deceive or maintain ignorance, then you would probably use a vague, open or confused language? Well the same in this type of messages that appear on the network, and that is a good clue to the type of source that generated it.