Who can solve this?


It is curious how two campaigns have recently come to light to promote the idea that the difficult economic situation should be solved by all of us together. The first one, the most well-known, “This can only be solved by all of us together”, and the other, promoted as a reaction to the previous one, “This can only be solved without them” (links do not work anymore as their websites have been removed).

The second campaign reports that firms, banks etc. are behind the first one, and furthermore that they have invested a fortune in the creation of a foundation (Trust Foundation) to coordinate this initiative.

But, what is it, we have to solve?

From my point of view what we have to solve is the very foundation of the system in which we live in: the banking system and the economy, which creates debt, continuously, to keep the masses drowning. The political system, because it basically exists to make sure we don’t progress more of what is necessary and we stay calm and peaceful, while those who pull the strings have plenty of fun. The educational system, because more than teaching, they distort knowledge so that you never learn to think by yourself, whereas you are forced to absorb the data they have decided you ought to know, and then, you just throw it out in the exams, in order to have a degree. The legal system, because justice is a mockery in which the vast majority of the judges, simply, do and undo, according to the pleasing of the major powers. The food system, because we have allowed that most of our food be genetically modified without being conscious of it, because those who produce healthy food are exploited and strangled, and because they introduce chemical products so that we are not too healthy. The health system, because pharmaceutical firms have taken the power and they dictate the rules, as they create the illnesses to be able to sell us the vaccine and they play with the international organisms (they have created) for their own benefit…, we could keep writing examples till the end of time.

What a utopia!

In my ideal world, everyone would live in harmony with nature, using its resources, without abusing of them. Money, probably wouldn’t exist, the bargaining chip would be of the like of a bank of favors or a bank of time. Each of us would have a specific place and a unique contribution to society according to our own particular talents and abilities. Maybe technology would play an important role in helping us with the everyday tasks.

People would be very connected to their spiritual side. Telepathy and auric vision would be common, so that it would be very difficult to lie, deceive and manipulate, because it could be easily seen and at the same time of little use. Illnesses would be treated according to what they are, that is, an energy dysfunction reflected in the physical body, and its causes would be eliminated and balanced and not bombarded with poisons. History, events and everything that happens could be studied freely, as information would come directly from the Akashic Records where manipulation would not be possible.

Personal evolution and evolution of the human race as a whole, would be one of the goals of the entire world. Materialism would not have any sense, because feelings of competition would have been substituted by feelings of cooperation. The need of standing out from others would be substituted by total control of our personal ego and by the awareness that we are extremely important, exactly as we are, and that it is acknowledged without having to demonstrate anything special. The craving for material goods would have faded thanks to the feeling of abundance present all the time and to the absolute certainty we can create the reality desired by just thinking about it. Everyone would attract whatever they needed and desired, and due to it, nobody would ever feel envy or jealousy.

And, the clock chimes…

It seems, it was just a beautiful dream, now it is time to get back to real life. However, I wonder, would the planet´s conscience change, well enough, to see this utopia come to life?

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