Why we see ourselves reflected in others


It is a common comment and part of what we learn as you move forward on your personal path to say that the people we have around us serve as a mirror about what happens in our inner reality. We always say that when something is bothering us, or when someone makes us feel in some way, or resonates with us at some level, it is because we in our interior carry that same feeling, energy, pattern of behavior or emotion. On what is this idea based upon?

Self-assessment Mechanism

The fact that we can see ourselves reflected in others is a mechanism created, since the beginning of time, to help us to Auto-Evaluate our own inner state. You cannot grow up living isolated from the rest of the people, because it is these other people who helps us with our experiences and lessons, you can not see how we are if we do not have mirrors to show us (at least most people do not have that capacity of self-analysis and auto-checkup developed), and for that reason the system was generated to convert each one in mirror of the others, starting from the principle of resonance of the frequencies that we emit, and the principle of “the same is attracted”. When we vibrate with a certain inner pattern, of any type that is (emotional, mental, etc.) we tend to attract around us, be it subtle or evident, people whose mental or emotional system contain a similar pattern.

Evaluating what those other people “are”, do, say, feel, and seem to resonate with us (“activating” something in our interior) is the way to verify what is that “we are emitting”, and so, we have it “in there” and bringing it out to the outside world if we realize it or not.

This mirror does not work just to show the “dark part” of each of us, which also, because the frequencies do not make distinctions, as they are waves that are emitted and are waves that attract and resonate with what is similar, so they serve to evaluate any area of our life. Multiple people will be our mirror for each of our faces and will disappear from our lives when the energetic pattern that we emit and draws them to us changes and disappears.

Clients, patients and people around us

Those who do any kind of therapy we know well, we attract all those who resonate with us. I am a living example of this situation, because I have streaks in the readings and healing sessions in which everyone has in common a same type of blockage or energy problem, which obviously if I evaluated myself appears in my energy system as well. If I am emitting “that”, “that” is what I’m attracting. When I “cleanse” and remove it, the profile of people changes, and this serves as a prove for me to know that the problem has been solved. I have heard this comment in all the courses with all the people who are engaged in working with others, whichever type. And it is a tool that well used and being aware of it, offers us a great source of self-knowledge.

Just by examining all the people around us we can establish a profile of the type of “energy” we are emitting. That which makes us activate a spark in our interior will tend to be situations or processes that we must heal in us, something that simply resonates and makes us feel good, will tend to be “positive” energies that we are emitting and that are reflected in other people. Personally, I think it was a good “invention”, otherwise it would be very difficult to know what our inner reality is, and knowing is at the end of the day all that matters.

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