At the beginning of each year, most people have a new list of goals and wishes, and if not, it is really recommended to do it. The main reason is very simple: if we are clear about what we want to achieve we have already achieved a lot.

The other reason why it is important to put in writing what we want is for the simple fact of highlighting the more important items over the rest that we have in mind. It is estimated that the human mind generates an average of 60,000 thoughts every day. Many of those thoughts will be wishes, things we want, ideas to get them, etc. Writing exactly what is most important to us is a great indicator that those thoughts have much more priority than the remaining ~59,900, so our subconscious mind will start looking for ways to make appear in our reality what we have marked as more important. It’s like a phone call, if you have the right number, you just need to dial in and you will be redirected to the right person.

How to write good objectives

wheel of life personal development tool

One of the most effective ways I know is to divide by areas of ​​our life what we intend to reach. Using, for example, a division similar to The Wheel of Life as you see above, we put in it each one of our goals, for a given time period: friends, work, family, finances, love, etc. I recommend doing minimum planning of 6 months or a year, since very short term objectives, unless they are already underway or are very specific, do not usually give us good results (less than a month, for example).

Each goal must be something credible, that your subconscious believes it can be achieved. “Be rich in 6 months and have 1000 million euros in the bank” is not a valid goal for any of us because unless you resonate with such a situation that for your mind a billion is something normal, your subconscious and mental mechanisms of reality projection will not be able to generate the necessary situations so that the desired thing is fulfilled.

Check your objectives periodically

On a regular basis, once a month, for example, go back to read your list of objectives and review them. Are you in the way to get some of them? Have the needed opportunities appeared or have you taken the actions necessary to obtain them? Reinforce the message to your subconscious mind, reading the list and focusing on the most important topic for you in this period of time. Make small adjustments if you think it is necessary and continue to be open to everything that comes to you and that could take you a little closer to your desires.

Appreciating what has been achieved

Every time you get something, thank yourself. Congratulate yourself for having achieved this and that. It is a message of self-affirmation that reinforces your confidence and the work of your subconscious mind and mental body. Be generous, praise yourself and be thankful for having obtained what you wanted. The results are spectacular when one trusts in oneself and in one’s power to achieve what is proposed.