In the courses of Akashic healing we have a certain type of energetic blockage that appears once in a while, we have called them “curses” in our readings. Far from what the word itself could inspire, with its evocations of witches and magic potions, the truth is that the energetic effect of a “curse”, as I will explain in the following text, can block an area that has a part in the life of a person in which that “curse” could resonate.

What is a “curse” ?

We call a curse a powerful emanation of energy made by a person at a normally non-conscious level. An example of this would be a situation where a person says to another one “I hope you never get this or that!” during a fury attack. That “petition”, if it’s strong enough, remains “hooked” to us if we admit that we have part of the blame or any implication in what happened.

It can happen naturally in a fight, in moments of anger or fury, but normally the person who throws the “curse” is not conscious of the power it has.There are multiple types of curses: I hope you do not increase your salary or do not get that promotion because you have behaved bad, I hope you never get a couple because you have hurt others, I hope you do not have this or that, I hope you never get the things you want, etc, etc, etc.

If the other person accepts that energy, that intention manifests and registers on the receptor’s energetic field, blocking the referenced life area depending on several factors such as the intensity and the location of this, the possibility that this energy be “emitted” as part of the projection of the person in the co-creation of its reality, etc.

The power of the word.

As a general rule, we must be careful on what we say in moments of annoyance, anger, fury etc., because it is when this kind of energy is generated with such a strong negative energy charge that, if the other person, no matter why, ends up accepting this on its aura, even unconsciously, it can become a burden for both of them, until it is eliminated.

Curses can also come from events that have occurred in past lives that are still latent, and whose energy is still present in the emotional body of the person. As a general rule, whoever made the curse will continue being part of our life in some way, because there is a karmic problem that fasten both souls generating a kind of “hook” (more or less strong) between the person who made the “curse” and us. So, be careful on what we say and with the kind of energy charge we put on what we say, It can really end up causing a blockage that we may not know how it was generated.