Coinciding with a couple of emails in which two readers asked me questions about one of the blog posts regarding how to discover our life mission, I find it interesting to write about it again, differentiating two aspects of what we could consider that is more important in our assigned time on the planet.

Needless to say, everything we can explain and comment here is based on the firm belief, knowledge or whatever we want to call it, that each and every one of us has something to do in this world, that each one is a special and unique being, bringing along with him at birth a goal, a mission, and when we live through it, it is when we feel completely happy with what we are and what we do.

The idea that you have a mission or purpose in life to fulfill responds to the question “what am I doing here?”, the first aspect, but only up to a certain point. Just as we are special and unique to fulfill a certain function, we are also in this school “of life” to learn certain lessons. The main one is what we might call, “your lesson in life”, the second aspect of our existence.

Recurring elements

Have you ever considered why many of the situations you live seem to have a common denominator or characteristic? Maybe in your relationships you always attract a certain type of person, maybe your jobs end up always having the same background, maybe you are presented with opportunities that seem to resemble each other vaguely.

The answer is that this is no coincidence. Each one of us has an evolutionary path and a few things to learn. It’s like a school: 6 or 7 years in elementary school, 4 in high school, 5 in college, etc. We study, we graduate, we learn and evolve along the way. In each of these grades we learn different things: mathematics, science, language, music, etc.

The school of life is similar, to use the analogy. But the lessons are much longer, deeper, adapted to and special for each one of us, and it can take many lives to graduate (even in the easiest lessons in the first years of study). In the school of life we learn things such as forgiveness, compassion, love, friendship, humility, joy, sadness, anger, freedom, etc. Lessons can not be avoided, and nobody cares more than you to learn them and move on to the next.

A main theme

In each life we ​​have a “main theme”, a macro lesson to learn that will dominate the central theme of our years of existence until we are able to assimilate it and “pass” the exam that allows us to move on to the next evolutionary stage. Perhaps, at present, your lesson is to learn to forgive and many things will happen to you, really many, where you will have to face the decision to forgive, or not, others for things they have done to you. Perhaps your lesson is to learn to support other people, and your life will be touched with situations where you are asked for help everywhere, perhaps it is about being more open-minded, appreciating others points of view, discovering what love is, and there will be hundreds of situations that will have this theme at their root as a common denominator.

Our problem, in general, is that we do not know how to accurately identify the common root of the things that happen to us. We think we have disastrous relationships always ending up badly, and we do not realize that in all of them we were given the opportunity to open ourselves to the other person but didn’t, so when a relationship ended, the “universe” sent another similar one to give us the opportunity to learn what we should have learned. When in all the jobs we have our boss is abusive, it seems we always find the same type of character, perhaps we do not realize that we must learn to say no, or to show more courage or stand up and say enough is enough. As long as we don’t learn this, we will continue to live the same situations because this is what we have to learn in this life, for the time being.

Dealing with our lessons

If you see that in your life it seems there is a recurring theme in everything that happens to you, find out what may be the common root of all situations and you may discover what you are supposed to learn or overcome.

Life is a school and we can not skip any grade. But there are so many layers of mental garbage on top of everything that happens to us (created by the ego and the analytical mind) that we are not able to see that behind all of them there is a certain common denominator: our lesson for the time being.

There may be many small lessons, and there may be a greater one that, as we said, predominates in our life. Comprehending it, understanding it and not running away from it but facing it and overcoming it, is the only thing that will allow us to progress to the next course. Those lessons are not easy because many times we need to confront our fears to learn them, but it is the only way. So, good luck with your exams.