People say that we are what we eat, that our way of dressing indicates our character, that “tell me who you hang out with and I will tell you who you are”, etc, and also it is no less true that, in the end, and in reality, we are what we think we are, and we are what we make ourselves believe we are.

Since for our team of “sub-personalities”, managed by the ego program, there is no other way to judge reality than the judgments we make on ourselves, to decide what image we want for ourselves and what we really are no matter what the outside world thinks, is vital for a happy life. Define how you want to be and so you will be; define nothing, and you will be what your ego program decides to show that day according to the subpersonality that prevails at that time.

In the film “What the Bleep do we know”, there was a scene with the protagonist drawing hearts all over her body and telling herself that she was the most wonderful person in the world. Until that moment, the protagonist did not have a very positive image of herself, and her outer world reflected what she believed it to be. Everything changed when her image of herself changed. Suddenly, deep inside, she began to reflect what she claimed to be: the most wonderful person in the world, and once her inner perception became what she had been told to become, her outer reality changed according to her will.

Your personal mantra

Just as we all have a special idea of how we want to be, there is an easy and totally infallible method of communicating it to ourselves, that is, by creating your own mantra. A mantra is nothing more than a phrase, a word, with a special meaning for you, that you repeat over and over again. The power of words is greater or equal to the power of thoughts. And every word emitted brings with it an energy which manifests or projects the meaning of what we are saying.

Your personal mantra is nothing more nothing less than what you want to highlight and mature or become within you. It can be as simple a phrase like “I can do anything I put my mind to“, “my dreams easily come true“,I am patient, serene and effective”, “I am a person open to everyone“, etc.

Choosing a suitable mantra

To choose the mantra that suits you best right now, you should examine what is bothering you, or what is going on in your mind today. Look into your outer reality as it reflects the precise situations that you need to go through at the moment to evolve. If you are involved in communication problems everywhere, choose a mantra about it, if at this time your effort is to achieve certain goals, you can repeat “I get my goals easily”, etc. There is no greater secret.

Repeat over and over

Buddhist monks, meditation practitioners, yogis, etc, all practice the power of mantra in their daily lives. Not only because the repetition of one sentence over and over again concentrates the mind and frees us from the incessant inner chatter in our head, but also because it leads us to focus our energy on what really matters to us at that time (= what we have decided to choose as a personal mantra). So, fix in your memory as much as you can your personal phrase and repeat it over and over, say out loud, low or in your mind. The results are amazing.